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PlayStation VR Games Review: Trackmania Turbo VR is Stomach Churning; Will Make You Vomit

The arrival of Sony’s new console heralded the arrival of new PlayStation VR games. However, some of them appear to make players very uncomfortable.

Racing fans will appreciate the arrival of new racing games on the newest platform. According to Team VVV, PlayStation 4 owners will have a slate of new PlayStation VR games to enjoy. Among these games are Gran Turismo Sport, DriveClub VR, and Trackmania Turbo.

The latter is the latest addition to the slate of PlayStation VR games under the racing genre. It was initially offered for the Oculus Rift, but as of writing, it appears the console isn’t supporting the game yet.

In the original iterations of the game, the rather crazy speed of the cars matched with the zig-zaggy terrain is cause for some discomfort in fans. This is why a lot of players consider Trackmania Turbo an extreme challenge in racing gaming. Some get concerned about its arrival in the PlayStation VR platform.

Luckily, Ubisoft released a 360-degree video of just what might Trackmania Turbo is in VR. It already appears too dizzying to comprehend.

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PlayStation VR games: Dizzy or Not, Here They Come

Ironically, even the Driveclub iteration in VR appears to be making players extremely dizzy. According to Kotaku, the common usage of search terms “PSVR sick” really is a sign that Sony’s newest console has some unprecedented effects.

Other YouTubers even say that while they enjoy VR games, some like Driveclub VR are making them ridiculous sick. Reviewers from Games Radar even refused to review the game because of its shrill side effects.

This is because PSVR-induced nausea is really a thing. Some of course, could handle the shrill turns and the rather quick successions of speed, but nausea in VR hits almost immediately. And it appears Ubisoft introduced competition in this rather weird arena.

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Either way, Ubisoft has revealed release dates for its slate of PlayStation VR games. Its eagle simulator Eagle Flight will arrive in the VR platform on November 8. Players and Trekkies can enjoy Star Trek Bridge Crew on November 29. Meanwhile, Werewolf Within, a popular iteration of the board game, will be available on December 6.

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