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WWE News: Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker May Happen in Mexico; Rusev Speculated to be Cancelled

The wrestling community is sizzling with WWE news, especially with the return of the Undertaker. However, the Prince of Darkness will not face controversy alone. Compatriots such as Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and classic stars are not safe from the buzz of expecting fans.

It’s only roughly ten days before the Undertaker makes his momentous return on November 15 since his recent appearance in wrestling television during Wrestlemania 32. Despite his absence, the Undertaker is still perhaps the most popular star in WWE history.

November 15’s SmackDown episode is its 900th since it first aired in 1999. The Undertaker may not have a fight immediately after his return, but his presence will hold consequences to the flow of the show.

It’s interesting that November 15 also marks five days before the start of the Survivor Series, the same series where Undertaker debuted in 1990. Considering that it’s also only a few months before the Royal Rumble in Texas, also Undertaker’s home state, are we expecting a fight soon?

According to Fox Sports, Undertaker’s roster of worthy opponents only come as a short list. For instance, John Cena versus the Undertaker remains to be one of the most hyped matches in all of wrestling history.  Unless the Undertaker faces Kane, yet another rival in his list.

However, John Cena is not alone. Finn Balor’s Universal Championship victory at Summer Slam merits a Demon versus Deadman match. It may finally be the time for the Undertaker to pass on his torch.

The Miz and Shane McMahon are also worthy contenders to face the Undertaker. Both superstars need a new “buzz” to hit the spotlight, and the Undertaker seems to be the best option. However, WWE news points towards another candidate.

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Lesnar to Take the Hit?

Brock Lesnar has already been announced to meet a contender in the December 3 live event in Mexico City. But with such a momentous occasion to celebrate, does this mean Lesnar will finally face the Undertaker?

It seems not. It appears The Beast will face Rusey and Paul Heyman in the ring. The Bulgarian Brute will certainly make it hard for Lesnar to claim his victory. According to Wrestling Inc., fans can see the showdown 8PM local time, or be there for themselves at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico.

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However, regardless of the results of the match, it seems Brock Lesnar is a fitting candidate to meet the Undertaker in his return. After all, after the Goldberg versus Lesnar match, it seems the wrestling community will need a host of new entertaining matches.

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