WWE 2K17 DLC: Super Smash Bros Roster Added to Smackdown Roster

Are Nintendo and 2K planning a special WWE 2K17 DLC? Perhaps a crossover with some of Nintendo’s most prominent characters?


Of course not.

That would be silly.

Anyone even remotely familiar with Nintendo knows just how protective they are of their brands and IP. The only time they’ve ever had crossovers with another company was usually when it was in one of their titles — like in the case of the Smash Bros. series. In the latest iteration alone we have guests like Pac-man, Mega Man, and even Cloud from Final Fantasy VII making an appearanceBut they’ve very rarely lent their characters over to another company, less likely so to a Western company like 2K.

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So what brought about this discussion? Well, Gamespot’s Facebook page uploaded this video asking the hypothetical question “What if Smash was more like WWE?” And it had quite the response from their followers. At the time of this writing its already gotten over 9000 shares, 3000 comments, and 11000 likes showing that, if anything else, people found the idea interesting or amusing.

The video they posted is part of a video by YouTuber madagascarsan titled “WWE Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U,” the entire video can be seen below.

As anyone can tell, the video isn’t really an announcement for any crossover between the two companies. Instead it showcases the impressive “Create-a-Wrestler” or CAW system that the WWE games are known for; managing to somewhat accurately recreate some of Nintendo’s most popular characters — even those that aren’t actually humans like Pikachu and Kirby. And it was all made in the 2013 version of the game as well.

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WWE 2K17 DLC Potential

Now, we can all agree that the odds of a Nintendo/2K crossover is highly unlikely. But 2K Games, or more importantly their parent company Take-Two Interactive, actually have a lot of titles under their belt that they could potentially use in future games.

Could you imagine a DLC pack to the WWE games that introduces customization options that reference other popular titles like BorderlandsGrand Theft Auto, or Red Dead? Or perhaps 2K could go all out and introduce new wrestlers altogether as guest characters from the other titles. I’d pay money to see a Big Daddy from BioShock go toe-to-toe against Gandhi from Civilization.

The potential is definitely there for cross-promotional content. It’s just up to 2K if they want to do anything with it.

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