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World War 3 News 2016: Obama Confirms Alien Invasion by Sept 2017

World War 3 News 2016 updates have revealed that an alien invasion of the Earth may occur around September 2017. A leaked document has revealed a message sent to Vladimir Putin by Barack Obama through Joe Biden. This message asks Russia to cooperate with the United States so that they can protect the Earth from alien UFO invasions.

World War 3 News 2016 updates have revealed that the top secret Kremlin documents have been leaked. These point at private meetings between Russia’s President Putin and Biden, the Vice President of the United States. HNGN has talked of how Obama urged Putin to consider the “Earth-wide” missile system of defense for combating UFO invasions in September next year.

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World War 3 News 2016 updates have also thrown up recent developments when a huge alien UFO fleet came into the solar system. This was spotted by NASA satellites. These are reportedly heading towards the earth and will hit in September as per calculations.

There were earlier articles where this report was featured. The US Department of Defense also launched three special Terrier-Orion rockets. These launches from the Wallops Flight Facility owned by NASA were not explained as to their necessity.

Why The Pentagon Is Interested? 

There are several speculations regarding the Pentagon’s interest in knowing more about this alien invasion fleet. Reportedly, NASA has already found that this mysterious force field is acting in a manner which is very similar to the magnetic field of our planet. Aliens will not be revealing the reasons behind their missions until they reach planet Earth.

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The force field has been seen to deflect all space energy particles by NASA as per sources. Several people feel that aliens will be hostile to earthlings while others feel that they will be saviors from World War 3 battles between Russia and the United States.

Reportedly, Nostradamus has also predicted such an event and so has the Book of Revelation. The main statement here is “And I saw heaven opened and a white horse……and the armies in heaven followed on white horses”.

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