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The Voice 2016 Judges: Gwen Stefani Returns; Blake Shelton Pulls Strings for Girlfriend

The Voice 2016 has been in the headlines for several reasons and Gwen Stefani’s return is one of them. As per reports, Stefani may be returning to the show as a replacement for Miley Cyrus. There are widespread rumors about Blake Shelton pulling strings to get his girlfriend into the show again.

The Voice 2016 has seen Miley Cyrus steadily evolve towards being the “most devoted coach”. When she first became a coach, many doubted her ability to work well with experienced coaches like Shelton and Adam Levine.

The Inquisitr reports that The Voice 2016 fans are now standing by Cyrus and calling her one of the best coaches ever. This has happened in the light of a recent startling announcement that Gwen Stefani will replace Cyrus next season.

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Miley has always been involved in everything from choosing the dresses of her contestants, attending rehearsals and what not! Miley goes to dress rehearsals though she does not charge for appearances like these according to sources. She is even involved with the hair and makeup of her team.

Why Cyrus’ Removal Is Being Taken Badly By Fans

Sources have also stated that Cyrus has grown close to the families of contestants coached by her. She breaks into tears when she has to eliminate people. A case in point was when she broke down after two sisters left the show with the I Won’t Give Up duet. Miley’s devotion to the contestants and the show is the reason for fans being shocked with the network’s decision.

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In spite of all her efforts, Cyrus will soon be booted out. Gwen Stefani who is Blake Shelton’s girlfriend will come back. According to sources, Stefani desperately “wants to come back to the show”. She also wants to “be with Blake more. He can’t stop gushing about her”.

Miley Cyrus will come back to the show for Season 13 and Stefani will serve as a coach in Season 12. Blake Shelton has reportedly pulled a few strings in getting Stefani to replace Cyrus. These are all rumors, though.

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  1. The Voice is a business. You don’t do business by pulling strings. Selecting judges is a business decision done by the producers. Judges are just emplyees.