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Taylor Swift New Album 2016 Release Said To Be Today; Drake Collaboration Confirmed

Taylor Swift new album 2016 is scheduled for release this month. That is if the singer follows through with her record of selling albums every two years around this month for ten years now.

Taylor first started her singing career in 2006. The country-turned-pop singer has had a record of releasing an album every two years in October. The only exception was her album Fearless which was out a month later from her usual pattern.

We know that this year marks the second year after her latest album. The pop star is expected by fans everywhere to release a new album soon.

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Taylor Swift New Album 2016 Release Today?

Taylor’s music record label, Universal Music, tweeted Swifties to expect a big surprise today. With a GIF included saying “Happy 10th anniversary Taylor” for her tenth year as an artist. However ,the tweet did not specifically identify what kind of surprise it is. Swifties, nonetheless, are kept on their toes expecting a new album to be released today.


Unfortunately, a tweet posted a few hours earlier today reveals that the Taylor Swift new album 2016 is not scheduled yet for today. The surprise, however, is a chance to win TSwift merchandise by participating in a promo contest celebrating #10YearsofTaylorSwift.

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Nevertheless, all hopes are not lost since the month has only begun. Though Scott Borchetta, the president and CEO of Swift’s label Big Machine Records previously denied a Taylor Swift October album, which he then immediately deleted, he did not say anything about a November album.

Especially since this year marks Taylor’s 10 years in the music industry, the pop star is expected to do something special this year. Inquistr suggests that it might be in the form of a new album or a compilation of her best music.

TSwift x Drizzy for Her New Album?

For now, the 26-year old beauty is busy working ala Eminem with collaborations with other artists such as her ex Calvin Harris in This Is What You Came For and writing music for Little Big Town, Better Man. Additional speculations are surfacing about a collaboration between Drake for either his or her music. The rapper is also rumored to be dating TSwift at the moment, post-Rihanna break-up.

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While nothing is for certain yet, for now, let us celebrate ten years of Taylor Swift’s music that has helped us through our worst break-ups.


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