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Rainbow Six Siege DLC Trailer Shows ‘Red Crow’ Nagoya Map & Japanese Skyscraper Leak

The Land of the Rising Sun is best known for its rich culture and high-rise skyscrapers. The latest Rainbow Six Siege DLC brings you to Japan in Operation Red Crow.

The latest in Rainbow Six Siege‘s famous “operations” brings players to Japan. Rainbow Six Siege DLC takes place in a temple complex atop a skyscraper in Nagoya, Japan. Players are in charge of infiltrating a set of building complexes around the dense city.

The DLC brings to life popular Japanese niches in their modern architecture. Restaurants and bars litter the buildings players have to explore, and the sheer depth of culture is something to admire.

However, fans will not be alone. Along with them are two rumored Japanese operatives to star in this particular DLC. Players have no idea who Echo and Hibana are actually capable of, but it is assumed the pair will have special equipment in tuned with each other.

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Rainbow Six Siege DLC: Skyscraper Mayhem

According to the YouTube trailer, the new Rainbow Six Siege DLC will bring players across skyscrapers and avoid ground-based battles. It is not yet confirmed if verticality will be a priority in the missions. However, it is evident that the DLC pack will include more freebies than players anticipate.

This marks the fourth and final content pack for the first year of Rainbow Six Siege. The arrival of Operation Red Crow was fast, too, considering that Operation Skull Rain has just arrived last month.

Regardless, barely a few months have passed and the game already added a ton of new features. Players can now enjoy weapon attachments and “Tactical Realism.”

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Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooting franchise from Ubisoft that deviates from the usual FPS formula. Players of the game admire the titles’ usage of realistic tactics and organization to execute missions. This is because both sides have just the right amount of ammunition and accessories to take out the entire team.

The entire game and its DLCs are praised for their demand of tactics and planning before every mission, which merits its highly-acclaimed team-based experience.

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