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NBA Trade Rumors: Klay Thompson to Bucks for Jabari Parker

NBA Trade Rumors are abuzz with news of Klay Thompson possibly being traded by the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are reportedly looking to trade him to the Bucks. They will also be looking for Jabari Parker in exchange.

NBA Trade Rumors point at the Golden State Warriors trading Kevin Looney and Thompson to the Milwaukee Bucks. They will be angling for Khris Middleton and Jabari Parker in exchange respectively. Any such four player move will be perfectly legal under NBA regulations.

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The Inquisitr has also reported these latest NBA Trade Rumors. The entire problem started when shooting guard Thompson angered his teammates. The latter were reportedly angry with Klay Thompson for his unsportsmanlike behavior and attitude posts the loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Why Thompson Is So Unwanted?

The Game 7 defeat seemed to have messed up Thompson’s behavior and this may now cost him. Rumors are spreading thick and fast about how many Golden State Warriors players wish to see him elsewhere. There are other rumors about Draymond Green reportedly being unhappy with Thompson as well.

The Warriors did sign Kevin Durant which was a major coup of sorts. This signing has led to major rumors that the Warriors will look to trade Klay Thompson. The Warriors, however, may not go in for any major deals until early next year.

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Sources feel that the team will be waiting to see how the lineup works out. The Warriors will now observe overall performances and take a call likewise. SF Gate has also reported that Thompson had only 18 points per game on an average in the preseason. Also, he benefited hugely from Durant’s style of play. Thompson has also been coming in for some criticism.

Head coach Steve Kerr has supported Klay Thompson however and backed him to improve over the next few games.

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  1. Im sorry but jabari parker alone is worth more than all warriors mentioned in this rumor. You think the bucks would be stupid enough to trade away 2 future superstars for klay thompson and some bench players. You people are wasting your time writing this bullshit.

    • Jabari is a scrub, GS aren’t retarded enough to trade Klay or Looney for that

      • Exactly! Why in the WORLD would GSW want to trade Thomson, who can go toe to toe with or even better than Curry, Irvin, you name it. Klay himself is already a supper star so why trade him for Jabari Parker. That will be the stupidest thing in the entire world that GSW would do!! and I hope to God they do not or even think about doing this!

      • I hope Klay stays with The warriors cause Green hates him lol… bucks better not sell Parker il be fucking fuming

    • Don’t worry Bucks won’t be that stupid to get a guy who has emotional issues for Parker ..