How to Get Away With Murder season 3

How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 Spoilers: Wes, Connor Dies in Episode 9

A lot of tears will be shed for the fans of How to Get Away With Murder Season 3. The show wants fans at the edge of their seats as they prolong the identity of the victim until episode 9.

One by one until the 9th episode, HTGAWM will reveal who among the Keating Five members are safe and alive. But only until then can fans either breathe a sigh of relief or use up a whole roll of tissue after hours of crying.

We know from previous episodes that Oliver and Asher are already safe. The same goes with the girls Micaela, Bonnie, and Laurel. Although Laurel is still not completely safe. She is found unconscious in Annalise’s basement and is also pregnant, E! Online reports.

Who Dies in How to Get Away With Murder Season 3?

All the female casts are already safe and alive. Which leaves us guessing who among the guys is the victim under the white sheet. The show wants fans to feel shocked and devastated. And putting that in mind, it is unlikely that neither Nate nor Frank is the victim.

Nate, E! Online says, is the most obvious among the remaining victims. Which makes him unlikely to be dead. While Frank, on the other hand, is almost nonexistent most of the season. And has the potential to put down Keating Five.

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Which leaves us down to the last two guys; Wes and Connor. According to Romper, Connor’s death is imminent because he is expendable.  ”He’s not a huge part of the storyline this season, and overall, he’s almost unnecessary right now. So losing him wouldn’t be a total loss, as sad as it is to say,” says the report from Romper.

But judging by the horrified look on Annalise’s face when she lifted the white sheet to identify the body, the victim just might not be Connor. Connor will not generate that amount of emotion from Annalise. So the possible list of victim leaves us only one more possible victim. Wes.

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Between Connor and Wes, the latter is closer to Annalise. By looking at her expression, the probability of the victim being Wes is higher.

But then again, these are all just opinions and the show’s bosses are not giving us any hints except that episode 9 will be a very dramatic and heart-wrenching moment. So to all How to Get Away With Murder season 3 fans, better prepare that roll of tissue. Or two.

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