Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope Admits Murder; Chloe Admits Baby Truth to Nicole

Recent Days of Our Lives Spoilers have revealed that Chloe will finally admit the truth about her baby. Also, Hope will also admit the murder as per reports. These updates have got fans really excited about the upcoming season.

Some of the spoilers have also revealed that Chloe will finally reach out to Nicole and ask her to return to Chicago. Nicole will get in touch with Chloe regarding her baby as well. She will demand a few answers and Chloe will initially lie about a hookup.

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Celeb Dirty Laundry has revealed further Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Chloe will be concerned more about Deimos. He could be the stepfather of this baby in future even though he is not the actual “baby daddy”. Deimos makes for a major threat and Chloe will not want him near her little baby.

Chloe had embryos implanted without informing Nicole even after Daniel died. Chloe feels that Daniel and Nicole are parents to this baby. Chloe will start feeling guilty and will reveal everything to Nicole. However, there could still be a few twists in the storyline as hinted by sources.

Will Hope Finally Admit The Murder? 

Hope will also be grilled by Ciara about her actions pertaining to Stefano. Hope will admit her guilt and will try to make Ciara feel her situation on that particular day. Ciara will find it hard to believe that Hope could actually be a murderer.

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There will also be a business deal worked out by Eduardo and Dario while Deimos will also want to help out. Club TBD will be the official alias for the shady dealings proposed as part of this deal.

Theresa will be unable to deal with the circumstances surrounding Mateo. Shane will reach out to her yet again with Kim. They will want to influence Theresa to flee with Tate and Brady.

However, Theresa is likely to reject this idea since she will be unable to fend off Mateo. Theresa may even come up with a plan to eliminate Mateo. She could reach out to Shane for help as well.

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