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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 5: Thomas Gibson Return Cancelled; Garcia-Alvez Romance

Thomas Gibson’s return on Criminal Minds season 12 episode 5 is a no-go. Despite fans threatening to boycott the show online with the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch, the series continues with no Aaron Hotchner.

Criminal Minds season 12 episode 5 is initially scheduled to air November 2. However, the show was rescheduled to November 9. This delay in air date was originally thought to be related to the absence and possible return of Thomas Gibson. However, it is confirmed that the reason for CBS’ moving the series to another week was the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs game.

Gibson’s character Aarom Hotchner, better known as Hotch, is one of the most loved characters in the series. Gibson has been with the installment since its pilot episode in September 2005. Hotch plays a large role in the series since he is the chief of the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

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However, he had to leave the show. After allegedly being physically violent with the show’s writer and producer, Gibson was suspended and then dismissed from the show. The last appearance Gibson had in Criminal Minds was in the first two episodes of season 12 where he was written off without any grand exit.

The return of Paget Brewster who played the fan favorite SSA Emily Prentiss was expected to compensate for the show. Despite that, it seems Criminal Minds has been struggling with ratings this season. To make matters worst, Gibson’s fans are angry about his dismissal and shuns the show saying that without Gibson, they will not watch the crime series.

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The series producers have yet to make a statement or reaction with regards to the #NoHotchNoWatch campaigning in social media circulating.

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 5:

Apart from all the Gibson drama, everything is moving forward with the series. In episode 5’s trailer, we can see another complicated case to be solved by the team. The anti-terrorism squad is in for a roll because “every clue is a deception,” and “every victim is not who you think they are.”

Not much has been said in the less than 30-second teaser but it promises another episode of complex investigative work.

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On a lighter note, Garcia is at it again bringing gifts to Alvez’s dog, Roxy in carnation pink packaging. The pink sweater and cookies aren’t Alvez’ favorite thing and Garcia notices, but the man redeems himself with a sincere thank you to the girly investigator.


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