Battlefield 1 Update

Battlefield 1 DLC Update: Better Servers, New Custom Game & Matchmaking Improvements

Battlefield 1 has been out for a while now and received a great reception. It’s the highest rated Battlefield game since Bad Company in 2010. It also launched with a player base nearly double of Battlefield 4. And now DICE has announced their plans for the game in the months to come.

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Future Plans for Battlefield 1

So what exactly does DICE have in store for the future? Well here’s a quick rundown.

First and foremost is the reintroduction of Hardcore Servers. They didn’t go into much detail regarding exactly when or how they will be implemented, but they are confirming that they are coming soon.

For those not familiar with the franchise, hardcore servers aim to provide a more realistic experience. Some common features of hardcore servers from previous games include:

  • No health regeneration
  • Limited HUD
  • 60% player health
  • Friendly fire enabled

Among other features unique from title to title. So it should be expected that something similar will be implemented in Battlefield 1’s hardcore servers as well.

Next, they plan to update the currently existing Suez map to something a bit more balanced. Currently the map is set-up that it’s very easy for one side to immediately snowball to victory, making for an unbalanced and overall terrible experience for the losing team.

They’ve also announced a new Battlefest starting November 16. The week-long celebration will have several activities, events, and promos to celebrate the Battlefield franchise.

Fog of War, the first official Battlefield 1 custom game, will premier during Battlefest. In this game mode, players will be challenged by limited sight as both the mini-map and player tags will be disabled.

They then announced that November will see the first major update to Battlefield 1. They will be adding a Rent-a-Server program, a new custom game, and some changes to matchmaking and server balance.

And lastly, DICE is giving all players a free new map this December. The new map — named Giant’s Shadow — will be arriving this holiday season to all owners of the game for free.

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