Winds of Winter Release Date
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Winds of Winter Release Date on Jan 2017 Not True! Proofreading Rumors are Fake

The Winds of Winter Release Date has sparked huge speculation amongst fans. As per earlier reports, the latest installment was supposed to release in January 2017. However, this is not true according to a wide section of people.

There were earlier rumors regarding the Winds of Winter Release Date being early next year. Game N Guide has talked about how there are rumors of the draft already locked in the “proofreading phase”. The deadline for the book release has been speculated to be on March 2017.

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The Winds of Winter Release Date appeared imminent after there were rumors of Martin having finished his book. The release date rumor started once a website listed the same as 9th March 2017. However, the page has already been taken down.

Even if the date turns out correct, it will mean a gap of six years between this book and A Dance with Dragons. George RR Martin, however, has still been apologizing to fans for his delay in finishing the latest installment.

Even the publishers deny these rumors 

Additionally, the publishers have flatly denied the release date in 2017. With the HBO Game of Thrones series about to enter season 7, fans are going crazy in anticipation. A few excerpts of the eagerly awaited The Winds of Winter have also been released online.

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However, Martin and his publishers have already garnered the ISBN for the book. Martin has talked of his slow pace of writing. However, there are other rumors stating that the delay is due to Martin’s simultaneous work on two books instead of just one.

The second book is rumored to be a Game of Thrones prequel novel. There are other rumors that the book may launch with A Dream of Spring which is the 7th book. Martin has stated some time back that he is reportedly hundreds of pages away from completion as reported by the University Herald.

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