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Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers: Sheriff Hopper Reportedly Brings Eleven Back

Stranger Things season debut is a surprise hit TV series and will definitely be back for Stranger Things season 2. Aside for the TV show to come back for round 2, fans are also hoping that their most favorite character will be a part of it.

Major Spoiler Ahead From the First Season

Eleven, the young girl with telekinetic powers, was the most well-loved character in the first season. But she sacrificed her own life to save her friends from a monster originating in another dimension.

Fans are very hopeful that she will make a comeback. Especially after the mysterious actions of Sheriff Jim Hopper during the last scene of the season finale. Sheriff Hopper brought food from their station’s Christmas party along with Eggo waffles to the woods.

Fans are confident that the food is meant for Eleven. And that Eleven is alive and will come back next season.

She may be in our dimension not able to come back to her friends for some reason. Or trapped in the monster’s dimension and needs help. Whatever the case may be, the show’s most avid viewers just want the bald young girl with super powers back.

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Netflix, the maker of the hit series, declined to comment on Eleven’s fate but TV Line’s reliable source confirms young star Millie Bobby Brown’s return. It is just not clear as to what episode in the second season she will reappear.

Stranger Things 2: Sheriff Hopper to bring back Eleven?

A report is also brewing about Sheriff Hopper to be the one to bring Eleven back on Stranger Things season 2. This is because of the guilt he felt when he sold her out to the lab guys. But in an interview with CNN Entertainment, David Harbour who plays Sheriff Hopper, did not disclose just how Eleven reappears.

“He also leaves Eggo waffles and a plate of food in a box in the woods, right? Presumably, the Eggo waffles are for Eleven. In some sense, he has some sort of knowledge or understanding that she’s out there, or some form of her is out there. My interpretation was that he feels guilty for selling her out and that he brings her that food to try to get back in good with her.”

Stranger Things 2 is an original Netflix series.

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