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Sense8 Season 2 Release & Cast: Read Leaked Script Here; Whispers New Ally Revealed

The Sense8 Season 2 trailer is due for release soon and its script has reportedly been leaked. This has revealed chances of Whisper supposedly chancing upon a new ally in his crusade. The entry of this new character into the show has already spurred widespread speculation.

Sense8 Season 2 news has also revealed some other interesting information on the show. Whispers and his new ally continue to spark widespread speculation as per the Parent Herald. Will this new ally come in handy for his crusade against the sensates? This is the prevalent question to be answered at present.

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The trailer release has been one of the most eagerly awaited Sense8 Season 2 updates for fans. The conclusion of production has been another major development that has been keenly recorded by fans. Fans had earlier anticipated a trailer release in October.

Why Rumors Were Sparked 

This came after fans were teased on Twitter about some really good news to come by Brian J. Smith. The actor, however, spoke of something different after a few days. He talked about how he would be in London in The Glass Menagerie.

This made fans curious as to when the trailer for the second season would get a release. Smith has earlier revealed that there will be an exclusively special episode. This will be aired around Christmas this year prior to Netflix airing new episodes for the upcoming 2017 season.

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The leaked script has reportedly been posted on Reddit. The photograph shows a script containing material from the second season of the series. The gukeums1 user id claims that the script was lying on the ground during filming of the second season in Chicago.

A character called The Assistant has also been mentioned by this user which has sparked widespread rumors of him possibly being the new ally. This character may also function as an assistant instead as per sources

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