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Playstation VR Games: Gran Turismo for PSVR & PS4 Pro Confirmed!

The PlayStation 4 Pro will be arriving on shelves in about a week, and in a PlayStation event in London, some more information has been released — including details for how Sony will support Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4 Pro. One piece of information that stood out? Gran Turismo Sport is joining the list of PlayStation VR games as it will come with VR support.

A Highway Star

Other than VR support, Gran Turismo Sport has some more unique features on the PS4 Pro. It seems that the game will support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second as well as HDR. What does all that mean? Basically, it means the game will look pretty — very, very, pretty — assuming you have the television to support it. Just in case you don’t own a 4K display though, fret not because Gran Turismo Sport will have Supersampling for standard HDTV.

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The Grandest Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Sport is the thirteenth entry in the Gran Turismo franchise. According to series creator Kazunori YamauchiGran Turismo Sport is the “beginning of a new generation or era” and marks as a “new generation moving forward.”

Initially planned to be released in November of 2016, it was delayed back in August and pushed back to a 2017 release. Based on the message from Yamauchi, they realized they needed more time to perfect the title as well as implement technology that they wanted it to have.

The Beginning of Sony-Backed PlayStation VR Games

With the addition of PS VR support, this adds Gran Turismo Sport to the short list of PS VR games. When the PlayStation VR was first announced, one of the biggest strengths that people saw in it is that it’s owned by Sony — a company that is known for developing and publishing games. Unlike the Occulus Rift or HTC Vive, the PS VR actually has a well known developer supporting it to improve its library. Gran Turismo Sport being a prime example, whose publisher is Sony.

One of the greatest weaknesses of VR right now is that many of their games still feel like tech demos. There aren’t that many “full” game experiences out there at the moment for the different VR headsets. So people are hoping that because of Sony’s investment in the PS VR, we’ll be seeing a lot more high quality games that fully take advantage of the VR experience. Let’s hope that Gran Turismo Sport is the first of many big titles to come.

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