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PlayStation VR Games: Face Pad is Best PSVR Add On Yet! Only $11

The latest PlayStation VR Games update has brought good news for fans and enthusiasts. The PlayStation VR Games segment is one that requires continual innovation to keep fans interested. This face pad seems to be just the right antidote towards enabling gamers to step into the future with elan.

Kotaku has pointed to the existence of a VR face pad. This is definitely one of the best tech ideas seen for quite some time in this space.

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VR sanitary covers had earlier aroused widespread public interest and now these face pads look set to do the same. When it comes to PlayStation VR Games with this beauty, there are unlimited possibilities.

More on the Face Pad 

This face pad is named the VR Cushion Mask for PSVR. The makers have done their best towards emphasizing the comfort levels of the same. Additionally, there has been a marked attempt to beef up overall cushioning of the same.

The face pad is known to absorb sweat without a hitch and this is one feature that gamers will appreciate for sure! This also hinders the filtering in of any light. This is another USP to say the least. These features will make sure that the VR experience remains fulfilling and absolutely unhindered.

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One of the best add-ons in the VR space in recent times, this face pad goes on sale next month itself! It will initially be sold in Japan before spreading to the rest of the world. In Japan, it will be priced at just 1, 180 yen which is the equivalent of only US$11.20!

This makes the face pad one of the most affordable VR add-ons that gamers can opt for. The competitive pricing and extra features are bound to lure more customers for this handy innovation.

Fans are now awaiting the global release of this innovative add-on with bated breath!

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