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Nostradamus Predictions 2016: Donald Trump Will Win US Elections Says Prophet

Will Donald Trump win the US elections? Well, Nostradamus predictions 2016 certainly point in this direction. According to several supporters, the Century I, 40 passage from Nostradamus points to Trump’s success.

Nostradamus predictions 2016 assume more importance since these are mostly big prophecies. These prophecies are intricately detailed and worded quite ambiguously in most cases as well. According to, these predictions may be the right antidotes for helping people take a decision between Hilary and Trump.

The Nostradamus predictions 2016 talk of a “false trumpet” that will “cause Byzantium to change its laws”. Also, it talks of a “man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards”. Believers have pointed out that the trumpet refers to Trump who is a highly controversial businessman turned political aspirant.

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There have been comparisons to “Hister” in another passage which predicts the reign of Adolf Hitler, according to several believers. The passage speaks of how the “trumpet shakes with great discord”. Also, the “great Senate will ordain the triumph… the sound of the trumpet of his adherents there will be put up for sale their possessions”.

There are several references to broken agreements in the passage. These may refer to Trump’s wish to end several treaties and also “the wall”. The latter refers to Trump’s desire to build a wall at the border between Mexico and the United States.

Is it at all true? 

However, several experts talk of how Nostradamus may not provide the most accurate predictions. There are close to one thousand quatrains and most contain multiple predictions. There is an overwhelming sense of vagueness and some events may match the predictions solely as a coincidence.

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Additionally, several experts have also pointed out that new predictions apparently from Nostradamus have been available prior to each election. However, the iconic TV show The Simpsons was the first to forecast any such development.

In the year 2000, Lisa Simpson, the first female president, talks of how “we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump”.

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  1. Agreed! Don’t vote in the Trumpet or we’ll all die!

    • we all die anyway with Biotch the cause will be starvation

    • Pay attention The damage is done, the US dollar is on the verge of collapse. Major depression is on the horizon, What direction do you want to go from here, The US controling its own currency and country. or the Central banks creating a new1 world currency the end of paper money in exchange for a chip in your hand and a new world order making citizens around the world total slaves. We are at a cross roads. Trump did not create the Mess the Corp Elite greed created the problem We may have a depression whoever gets in .. With Hillary you can add WW3 possible nuclear war to the Mix to satisfy the Central Banks desire for world domination.

  2. When I hear that Trumpet sound,I’m going to rise right out of the ground
    there ain’t no grave that hold my body down

  3. Vote Trump and keep the lying, cheating, murdering, thief OUT of our WH. She has been linked to child pornographies and Satanism and a hundred other things. She is an awful entity.

    • And trump not a lying cheating non tax paying sexaual abusing adulterer who outsourced jobs to China. And all in due time I’m sure he will have plenty of blood on his hands if he doesn’t already? Yeah okay

      • That’s because you libs like to remain willfully ignorant. Nothing you said above has been proved, yet it has been proven that the Hildabeast is a treasonous, lying, satanist.

        • On the contrary, everything Donald has been accused of, he’s bragged about doing and we’ve all heard it in his own words, but bigots as yourself remain willfully ignorant excusing the obvious while digging and reaching for anything to throw at Hillary on the flip-side like whiny little kids.

          Screw Hillary’s emails, screw her husband’s infidelity, and R.I.P. to the soldiers/CIA agents and ambassador who lost their lives in Benghazi. You simply can’t put the blame on Hillary or anyone except those who directly requested a small security force to remain covert and not compromise their diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

          Hillary is blamed for what resulted, yet under any other administration, covert ops/secret missions whether diplomatic or not, resulting in lives losts would’ve been swept under the carpet. It’s unfortunate, but anyone who’s been in the military knows this is TRUE.

          ((((Hillary was the exception because a certain group of extremist political dirtbags needed something to pin on her in the event that she decided to run.))))

          You mention Satanism, but anyone voting for TRUMP can not say they are true Christians or that they support “Good over Evil” in any way as they choose to support Trump’s divisive, evil rhetoric, flat out lies, bigotry and hate, putting moral values “religious beliefs” aside over political party.

          Trump brags about doing things to women against their will and degrades them, he conspires with Russia putting the U.S. at more risk than any of those stupid emails will ever, and he has accusers risking being “sued” coming out against him saying they were groped, touched, harrassed, in the same manner HE’s said he’s done.

          Only way I can see anyone voting Trump is if they’re rich, KKK supporters, or Satanists…

          • amen,,,,I would have voted for Hillary no matter who she had been put up against. She is the best person for the job.

          • Jeb Bush, Kasich, even Mitt Romney wouldve been a respectable nominee for Republicans, but they propped up Trump after all he has done, been accused of, said… Shame. Damn Shame.

          • LilZe you are correct either of the other Republican canidates would have been better (except for Ben Carson)………..I am in shock that he is the BEST they had to offer. I have to be honest when he started out i said NO WAY will anyone take this guy serious!!! LOL! Man was i wrong.

          • Lil Ze you are ON POINT!!! Everything you said I agree with. I don’t give 6 damns about her emails or Bill’s infidelities. It is apparent that those that are for that Orange faced, tupae wearing creep are DIE HARD FANATICS! The beautiful thing about a DEMOCRACY is we have a choice! I choose NOT to be for that LUNATIC just like you choose not to be for Hillary. SO WHAT!! This has been the worse election EVER! I am so ashamed of all the MUD SLINGING. The Rudi Guillanni’s and

          • The Rudy Guillanni’s and Newt Gingrich’s that are his supporters are a FREAKING JOKE!!! Both of them including Trump are WOMANIZERS!! I mean you want to throw stones when you live in a damn GLASS HOUSE? REALLY?? Show us your tax returns (TRUMP)!!! What about that? Hell when we owed just a few dollars the IRS hounded us until we paid in full. SHOW ME what you do so i can get away with NOT PAYING TAXES!! (Just kidding) It’s crazy how down right dirty this election has been! I’m glad i have already VOTED all i can do now is wait and see the outcome. God already knows the next President and if by some reason it is him (GOD FORBID) then we will live with it. I am convinced that GOD IS IN CONTROL!! Maybe he (Trump) can go back and read Two Corinthians!! (LOL) A freakin JOKE! The United States has to be the laughing stock of the entire world right now!

          • The Democrats created the IRS…just saying..and Obama certainly used it for his advantage…remember the democrats targeting conservative charities?????

          • It’s not just about the emails,……it is what it SAYS in the emails. They have already proved that her email has been hacked several times from different countries. And the Clinton Foundation……If I live ten years I could not write about all the corruption there. One of the worst things she did as Secretary of State is that Clinton sold 20% of our uranium to Russia…how is this possible???? And our poor soldiers and her saying…what does it matter now why they died. Yep…sure want that for president. Is Trump the candidate I would want..probably not but I do like that he does not owe anything to lobbyists. That’s a great way to start….no favors owed…How do you think that vice president nominee, Kane became her VP? Check way way back…she owes him favors. And her mentor in college, Saul Alinsky who authored “How to Create A Socialistic Society,” and her other mentor when she entered the senate, Robert Byrd, creator of the KKK in Sophia, West Virginia. If you think Hillary is not a racist…think about that one.

        • I’m not a Dem, but what Michael said is proven true. Trump hasn’t paid taxes in many years. He has and does outsource jobs to China and other foreign countries. He has done interviews admitting it. Like during the debates and publicly, he says he didn’t support the war, but if you check the Howard Stern interview with Trump, he clearly says he supported the war. Please do your research. Trump does lie a lot or avoids questions that will incriminate him. Why wont he release his taxes review to the public? If he could show he is worth what he says he’s worth or show his “GREAT INVESTMENTS”, It would help his campaign tremendously. Whats he hiding?

  4. Remember this, all you willfully ignorant libs out there: If Hillary wins and then succeeds in collapsing this great nation, you will be the first to go

  5. democrat CockRoach

    barry the Egyptian idiot. He’s already a “false trumpet” (LIAR) that will “cause Byzantium to change its laws” (UNCONSTITUTIONAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS). Also, it talks of a “man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards” (DEATH OF THE DOLLAR).

    Haven’t you all heard that he’s King Tut? Haven’t you also heard rumors that he’s not leaving office?

  6. Everything Donald has been accused of, he’s bragged about doing and
    we’ve all heard it in his own words, but bigots remain
    willfully ignorant excusing the obvious while digging and reaching for
    anything to throw at Hillary on the flip-side like whiny little kids.

    Screw Hillary’s emails, screw her husband’s infidelity, and R.I.P. to the
    soldiers/CIA agents and ambassador who lost their lives in Benghazi.
    You simply can’t put the blame on Hillary or anyone except those who
    directly requested a small security force to remain covert and not
    compromise their diplomatic mission in Benghazi.

    Trump is an accused sexual predator, spews hate, incites violence, has no moral values nor integrity, but political party is more important?

    Shame on any Christian above anyone else if you support Trump and all his anti Christian rhetoric and hypocrisy.

    • democrat CockRoach

      Typical BLIND liberal idiot.

      BTW, billY was a DISGRACED IMPEACHED jerk of a president who played around with his interns and RAPED multiple women.

      • His infidelity was consensual, he WAS the president. Trump’s infidelity is both consensual and non consensual pitting him as an accused Sexual Predator to the tune of Bill Cosby except Trump’s pill is his celebrity.

        • What’s really sad and what is wrong with this country is that you really believe this. God help us all

        • OK explain why every Trump accuser has wait in some cases 15 20 or even 30 years and every one of them has used Gloria Alred and at least 1/2 have been PAID to make their accusations ~ Trump has very deep pockets yet not one of his accusers said a thing when he could still be charged with a crime ! this only started after Trump started bringing up Bill Clinton’s problems that got him Disbarred and impeached ~seems a little too convenient

    • democrat CockRoach

      Hillary is a SERIAL CRIMINAL her main hobby is committing TREASON multiple times.

      • Treason is what Trump is doing by conspiring with Russia. Confederate sympathizers and anyone who is against the U.S. democracy process is TREASONOUS.

        • democrat CockRoach

          HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
          That’s the biggest joke I’ve heard all year. Hillary sold HALF our uranium to Putin (from NOW ON) for $150MILLION in her sleazy bank account and creepy podesta just received $36MILLION from Russia.

          Like Trump said last debate, HE’S NEVER EVEN MET PUTIN but your whore sure has. She just likes to LIE to you idiots.

        • democrat CockRoach

          Why are democrats such dumb brainwashed uninformed IDIOTS?

        • Where is your proof that Russia has done anything I have heard the accusations but where is the plain truth ~ if the Russians hacked Hillary’s emails where is the proof ? people have been put to death for less I would just like to see the proof ~because you are being distracted from reality and that is Hillary’s private server that was not secure ~ the experts say the information on tat server was ‘breached several times’ while HRC was Secretary OF State

          Any hacker worth a damn knows how to make it look like another person or country ~was the actual’ Hacker” CIA is the best at that as far as we know ~ Again while HRC and BO blame Russia there is still no proof of who was the hacker(s)

    • democrat CockRoach

      BTW, ENJOY your flopping barrycare clown. I hope barry makes you pay BILLIONS for it and you still won’t get any healthcare out of it.
      HA HA HA HA HA

      • I dont depend on “free healthcare” I hope if you’re a Christian and voting for TRUMP that God/Jesus forgives you.

        • democrat CockRoach

          Go dry up creep. Hillary is a SERIAL CRIMINAL raping America

        • democrat CockRoach

          BTW, your sleazy party DUMPED Christianity bigot.

        • how can YOU claim being a Christian and vote for HRC when she is behind killing babies up to the time of birth viable fetuses who can live outside of the womb ?? Yet claim that if a young mother causes the death of her 2 week (born early at only 7 months) you want them in prison for life ! to take a line from Hillary “What Difference does it make ??!” To me there is NO Difference and Abortion is murder period ~you support her then you support the murder that she thinks is a right ! Don’t throw out Christianity because Evil is Evil no matter how much lipstick you put on it

    • It sounds like you are the one spewing hate.

  7. democrat CockRoach

    I’ve been watching the liberal History channel for the last hour they’re discussing past presidents and so far I’ve learned that democrats;

    – Took us into TWO world wars
    – Created the CORRUPT federal reserve and IRS
    – Created the League of Nations and United Nations
    – Dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan
    – Created bankrupt social security
    – Ran ILLEGALLY for the presidency twice (four times total).
    – Created the welfare state via their flopping war on poverty (Great society – HA HA HA)
    – Took us into Korea
    – Took us into Vietnam

    And this is ONLY about 6 of the democrat JERKs who did all this damage. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for the creeps.

    And then there’s FLOPPING BANKRUPT barrycare what a joke.

  8. democrat CockRoach

    How ‘Failed Policies’ Of Democrats Were Responsible For Financial Crisis

    Why should anyone blame Democrats for the housing finance crisis? Because they laid virtually all the landmines that would eventually explode in the first place, and then they wouldn’t allow Republicans to reform or even regulate the impending disaster before it occurred, that’s why.

    Everything democrats do eventually FAILS. All they do is spend more and more money and create MORE worthless government bureaucracy staffed by incompetent money grubbing democrat LIARS.

  9. democrat CockRoach

    Trump feels that your children should be able to go to ANY school they want that includes, public, private, charter, religious and home schooling.

    So-called “liberal” jerk offs (narrow minded racist bigots) want your children to go to their perverted drug ridden broken down sleazy public schools (so all their INCOMPETENT worthless liberal school teachers can have overpaid jobs).

    • Common Core has been indoctrinating our children into Muslim culture for several years !! the proof is in the words and what they are taught even in word problems in Math ~IT IS NOT something that should be taught in schools as the Supreme Court said NO to any Religion being taught in public schools yet I don’t see the atheist or anyone else complaining that Islam is covertly taught to our children ~Why is that ?? we have had many news reports from local parents asking how and why Islam is being taught in our schools and almost every time the response is because Common Core requires they use the

      curriculum from the federal level or they lose funding ~ this is WHY your children are growing up to be entitled liberals voting for the corrupt candidate and even though they have proven to be corrupt since they were in Arkansas the liberal agenda is that no matter what you have done to better yourself that if the government is not in your business you didn’t build it they did ~ when Your nation defends the corrupt it will fail as a nation ~ I do not know what Trump will be as the President but i do know where we end up if Hillary Rotten Clinton wins and that is the worse President ever and if she survives her first term (health wise ) It will be too late to save the USA

  10. democrat CockRoach

    FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
    Funny how who ever crosses the Clintons wind up dead….coincidence?