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NBA Trade Rumors: Klay Thompson Reportedly Wants Out of Warriors; Kevin Durant Allegedly Took His Stats & Playing Time

NBA Trade Rumors have fueled speculation that Klay Thompson wants to leave the Warriors? His statistics have reportedly taken a hit after Kevin Durant took over proceedings. Thompson’s dilemma was reportedly sparked by the loss to the Cleveland Cavs.

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NBA Trade Rumors are abuzz with the 2016 NBA Final loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers having been the last straw for Klay Thompson. He reportedly wishes to leave the Warriors as per reports. Other Warriors teammates are also unhappy with the sloppy and unsportsmanlike attitude that Thompson has been synonymous with.

Thompson’s Woes At The Warriors 

Ever since that Game 7 defeat, Thompson has not been a popular member of the team. NBA Trade Rumors are also pointing at how several other Warriors players want him traded as well. The Warriors successfully signed forward Kevin Durant earlier who was a much-coveted acquisition.

In case the Golden State Warriors do shop around for any trade, Klay Thompson would be the first one as per sources. Present rumors are also pointing at Thompson landing in another city altogether. The Warriors are currently looking at a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks according to Inquisitr.

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They might trade off Kevon Looney and Klay Thompson together to the Bucks and get Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton in return. This four-player deal will be absolutely legal as per the NBA framework. However, it has to be seen whether the two teams will actually go ahead with this proposal or not.

The Golden State Warriors may avoid any big ticket deals till early 2017 at least as per rumors. This is because the team wants more time to see whether Kevin Durant’s addition propels it to greater success or not. The Warriors have already slipped up against the Spurs in a 129-100 shocker.

The team’s continued performance will spur trade talks and nothing can emerge before next year as per several sources.

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