MLB Trade Rumors: Cubs Kris Bryant to Astros After World Series 2016 Win

MLB Trade Rumors have pointed at Kris Bryant possibly moving to the Astros. This comes on the back of the famous World Series 2016 win with the Chicago Cubs. The Astros had earlier rejected Bryant when they had a chance to pick him in 2013.

However, now that Bryant has propelled the Cubs to the pinnacle of success, the Astros reportedly want him back. As per MLB Trade Rumors, the Astros may be considering a pitch for Bryant. However, nothing official has been confirmed yet.

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MLB Trade Rumors are spreading thick and fast about how the Astros will now redeem their mistake by snapping up Bryant whenever possible. USA Today has reported how Bryant is on the way towards future greatness. He is only 24 and will also get the NL MVP trophy later this month. He also won the Rookie of the Year award last season.

Bryant has pulled out outstanding performances in the last three games of the World Series. Bryant did struggle in the first four games and managed only a single hit. However, he had a home run in the fifth game and the rest is definitely history.

Why Bryant Makes for a Good Choice

The Cubs are now the first team in MLB history to win the World Series after being 3-1 down after the Pirates did it in 1979. Bryant is known for his aggressiveness and this helped turn things around in the Cubs’ favor.

Another development has further fueled speculation of the Astros making a bid for Bryant. According to MLB Trade Rumors, Astros GM Jeff Luhnow reportedly talked of getting a “history lesson to be learned”.

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Luhnow does regret having let go of Bryant back then in light of his recent performances. Houston went for Mark Appel instead of Bryant in 2013. Appel has already been traded and is yet to debut in the big league.

However, Luhnow did say that “you can always look back and say I should have taken this player instead of that player”. However, he also spoke of how there was “no reason to really dwell on it”.

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  1. The Cub’s management was smarter than the Astro’s management during the Byrant draft.
    Don’t see the Astros correcting their mistake. Crazy rumor!

  2. This is the most stupid article I have ever read. They are not going to trade one of the best players in baseball to the Astros. The writer is an idiot

  3. As if the Cubs would trade him. lol. I had to look and make sure I wasn’t reading The Onion.