Jim Bob Michelle Duggar Divorce 2016: Net Worth Problems May Be Causing issues
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Jim Bob Michelle Duggar Divorce 2016: Net Worth Problems May Be Causing issues

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Jim Bob Michelle Duggar rumors have taken the internet by storm. After several decades, it seems that the couple will finally separate. The Jim Bob Michelle Duggar romance seems to have gone kaput after the family took a big financial hit.

This has been majorly due to the public sex scandals and other controversies involving Josh, their son. Celeb Dirty Laundry puts it as the aftermath of their son’s issues.

The couple has been hard at work trying to convince people that they are absolutely fine. However, a Jim Bob Michelle Duggar split appears to be a foregone conclusion according to the latest rumors. The couple has already lost their 19 Kids & Counting reality show. Additionally, they have also been left in the cold by their promoters and advertisers.

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Michelle is reportedly aware that they cannot survive on whatever they have left. In case a solution is not swiftly found, the couple may have to part with everything they own. This includes even their house.

The Root of the Trouble

However, Jim has not yet acknowledged any financial trouble which has sparked arguments with Michelle. The couple initially wished for an added income stream by placing their daughters Jessa and Jill in the limelight. However, fans are not quite interested as before after the scandals.

Fans have not quite taken to even Jeremy Vuolo’s engagement to Jinger Duggar. This leaves the couple with limited future options in television. Michelle is reportedly worried about raising all 19 of their children and maintaining their present lifestyle together.

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Michelle, according to rumors, is thinking of taking the lead this time after staying silent for many years. She might go up against Jim Bob who is still turning a blind eye to their problems. Will the couple eventually divorce? It seems on the cards for sure!


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