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iPhone 8 Release Rumors: Wireless Charging, Foldable Screen Confirmed by Patent

In time for the celebration of iPhone’s tenth anniversary, Apple is speculated to be planning something massive for its iPhone 8 release. The tech powerhouse has just submitted a new patent for wireless charging and a foldable phone.

After the release of iPhone 6, Apple has been in quite a standstill. According to Newsweek,for the first time, the leading mobile device provider has experienced  a decline in sales. The 16 percent drop in its second quarter is credited to the slow pace on upgrades. Apple CEO, Tim Cook shared that iPhone 6’s inability to keep up with the “accelerated” upgrade cycle it had two years ago was the reason for the decline.

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In addition, the vast sea of competitors, from its closest competition Samsung to other mobile phone makers has split the market, especially in Asia.

iPhone 8 Specs: Foldable Screen

The iconic tech company, however, seems to have a plan of action. That is, to release a new iPhone with features unheard of in mobile devices to date.

Speculated to be released in 2017, in time for iPhone and iPad’s tenth year, is the iPhone 8. Rumors are that, if all goes well, this particular model will have the capacity to charge without a wired connection. In addition, Apple has already been confirmed to be exploring a folding smartphone.

Newsweek reports that Apple has submitted a patent for a folding iPhone published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  The patent will be using carbon nanotubes to enable folding of the phone. The tech company has been interested in the probability of a flexible phone since 2013.

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While Samsung has also been said to explore the concept, neither has developed successfully the technology. However, once successful this will truly be a hit among consumers who are always on the look out for portability.

iPhone 8 Specs: Wireless Charging

Another patent High Snobeity  reports Apple is working on is a wireless charger for its phones. Along with the flexible feature of the new iPhone, the tech company contracted  Foxconn Technology Group to work on the add-on.

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While sources confirm that the tech contractor is working on the wireless charger, it working still remains a major consideration. A source said that “whether the feature can eventually make it into Apple’s updated devices will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on.”

If Foxxcon is able to produce a satisfactory number of working wireless chargers, then the concept will come to reality in the iPhone 8.

At the moment, Apple is focused on its newly released iPhone 7 and Macbook Pro 2016. No report on the upcoming iPhone has been shared on the company’s website for now.

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