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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers: Bailey Fires Doctors; Alex To Go to Jail

Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale episode decides the future of Alex but more importantly of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and its resident doctors. The season-ender will also explore the limits of the doctors despite their personal problems.

After beating up De Luca in season 11, Alex has yet to fully face the repercussions of his actions. Impending jail time and adjusting to his new role in the hospital has been some of the difficulties the doctor has faced this season. However, it seems the surgeon has not paid for his actions fully yet. There is still that possibility that Alex gets fired by Bailey in Grey’s Anatomy season 13.

Nonetheless, an even more pressing issue is at hand on the winter finale of Grey’s Anatomy season 13. According to Unreality TV, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will be at the “forefront of a city disaster”. A building collapses in the city causing an influx of patients in the already busy hospital.

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The doctors will be tried and tested at their wits ends as they juggle between keeping the patients alive and their personal dilemmas. Pressure builds up and the doctors clash against each other.

Catherine, who has been trying to convince Bailey to fire Alex constantly since the season started might have finally succeeded. Her interference causes Bailey and Richard’s friendship severe damage. In addition to that, the stories of Meredith and Riggs as wells as Owen’s are still left hanging.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 7 Spoilers

Before the finale, however, there are two more episodes on the 13th season of the series. Entitled Why Try To Change Me Now?the seventh episode reveals that Bailey seems to have already made a decision with regards to Alex. However, the spoiler reveals her struggle of whether she made the right decision or not.

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Another spoiler reveals a group meeting in episode 7. It is evident in the photos, too that Richard is displeased with Bailey’s decision. Though it was not stated which decision, we are assuming it must be related to Alex’s case.

While eavesdropping on the conversation between the two, the team noticeably turns uncomfortable. Word is out that there will be resident doctors dismissed by Richard, who seems to have not made his mind up yet.

Alex, however, says “they’re going to overhaul the program,” but Arizona isn’t buying it. She thinks she’s getting fired.

So, are people getting fired in the next episode? Will we be missing out on our resident doctors even before the Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale?

Catch Grey’s Anatomy season 13 on ABC at 7/8c.

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