Criminal Minds Season 12: Thomas Gibson Returns or Show is Cancelled; #NoHotchNoWatch Protest Goes Viral
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Criminal Minds Season 12: Thomas Gibson Returns or Show is Cancelled; #NoHotchNoWatch Protest Goes Viral

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Criminal Minds season 12 without Thomas Gibson is not Criminal Minds at all– at least for die-hard Hotch fans. A new hashtag goes viral threatening a boycott the series if Thomas Gibson does not return.

#NoHotchNoWatch hashtag is spreading across social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Fans are threatening that if Hotch, played by Thomas Gibson, does not return to the series they will opt not to watch the crime serial.

Criminal Minds Season 12 Without Gibson

Before the start of Criminal Minds season 12, management announced that Thomas Gibson will no longer be joining the series. Fans will remember that Gibson has been part of the show since the beginning and much of the series’ success can arguably be attributed to Hotch’s character.

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However, due to a conflict with the show’s writer and producer Virgil Williams, the series producers decided to remove Gibson from season 12. The actor was also reported to have had difficulties getting along with other cast members. Even in his previous jobs, word was that Gibson was a difficult actor to work with.

Despite these claims, Gibson has established a fan-base in his 11 seasons with the crime series. And for these fans, the show without Hotch is not even worth watching anymore.

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Criminal Minds Season 12 to be Canceled?

Criminal Minds has been dealing with quite a lot of changes since season 11. Shemar Moore, who played SSA Derek Morgan, left the show during season 11. Then followed by the firing of Gibson.

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According to Inquistr, Gibson has decided to file a lawsuit for being fired from the show. This might be the reason why his fans started the online protest. The boycott proved to be effective because the show’s ratings is dropping week after week. However, some are arguing that the drop in ratings is of no consequence to the show.

Criminal Minds season 12 is still running to date and producing compelling stories every week. Nevertheless, one might wonder if a good storyline will be enough to sustain the series to expect for another season.


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