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Chicago Med Season 2 Spoilers: Dr Rhodes Gets in Trouble with Sex Trafficking

Rookie psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Reese faces a dilemma on where to draw the line in the case of a sex trafficking victim in episode 7 of Chicago Med Season 2.

The sex trafficking victim, a young boy called Danny (Nick Marini), wanted to get out of his difficult situation. In episode 6 of Chicago Med Season 2, he asked for Reese’s help.

In an article by International Business Times, Reese (Rachel DiPillo) becomes too emotionally involved with Danny, a sex trafficking victim, in episode 6.

Danny refused to meet with Reese in a hospital. He feared his boss might see him in a public place.

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Reese realizes she needs help herself. She sought the advice of Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt), her mentor on Chicago Med Season 2.

A rookie psychiatrist commits this common mistake of not knowing where to set the boundary, says Rachel DiPillo on TVLine.

Platt explains the difficulty in drawing the line when treating a patient. “It’s a very complicated thing because a psychiatrist’s job… is to create what they call transference or, really, professional intimacy,” he points out.

Chicago Med Season 2: Charles Warns Reese

Charles, unhappy with a meeting outside the hospital, tells Reese she is treading a dangerous path. He orders Reese to step away immediately.

Andrew Schneider, one of Chicago Med Season 2 executive producers, cites the difficulty of treating sex trafficking victims. These victims face many psychological as well as physical pressures, making it hard to extricate them from this complex situation, Schneider adds.

Reese sees the desperate position Danny is in. She feels both an emotional and medical connection to the victim, executive producer Diane Frolov explains.

This episode of Chicago Med Season 2 also features Detective Erin Lindsay’s (Sophia Bush) of Chicago P.D. Reese asked Detective Lindsay to help the sex trafficking victim. She will appear in two episodes to deal with Danny and his situation.

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