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Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One Mods: Falskaar Download for XB1, PC Gameplay Details

One of the largest and most popular mods for original Skyrim — Falskaar — is now available for Skyrim Special Edition. More importantly, the mod is available to console players for the first time as it is compatible with Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One version.

The Faraway Land of Falskaar

Falskaar originally came out as a mod for Skyrim on the PC back in 2013. It gained widespread popularity and fame because of how massive the mod was and because it was all developed by one person. The trailer for the original mod can be found below.

Alexander J. Velicky dedicated thousands of hours into developing Falskaar as a means of applying for a job in Bethesda. And while he did not get the position he initially intended for, he still did manage to land a full-time position as a game developer at Bungie, the studio behind Halo and Destiny.

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And it’s no surprise that he did. Falskaar is a huge mod and boasts several feats that rivals AAA games. Among which include the following:

  • A new landmass, roughly the size of 2 – 3 Skyrim holds
  • 20 – 30+ hours of gameplay
  • 9 main story quests, 17 side quests, and some bits of unmarked content and events
  • A soundtrack composed just for the game with over 60 minutes of new music
  • A fully voiced experience

All in all, a very robust and impressive accomplishment especially considering it was all made by one person. And now it’s available for Xbox One and PC players here.

Unfortunately, the mod is unavailable to PS4 players due to Sony’s restrictions on mods for their platform.

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One of Many Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One Mods

Falskaar is just one of the many mods now available to console owners with the remastered version of Skyrim. While it may be something PC players have had for years, this is the first time that console players can experience mods in Skyrim.

There are already hundreds of mods available in Bethesda’s official workshop ranging from quality of life fixes, to graphical upgrades, and of course to full on original stories just like Falskaar.

The Xbox One version of the game allows mods up to 5GB in size and allows the use of external assets such as scripts, textures, and sound files. However, the PlayStation 4 version is a lot more limited due to Sony’s regulations. For PS4, the max size is only 1GB and it does not allow the use of external assets. The effects of this decision are already evident with the Xbox One having nearly double the number of mods than the PS4.

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