Overwatch Sombra ARG

Overwatch Sombra ARG Leaked! Reddit Reveals November Release; Speculated to be Playable in Next Patch

When players hear about the Overwatch Sombra ARG, they know the game’s way past its due date. Additionally, a recent Blizzard leak suggests the elusive hacker may finally appear in the game.

However, before players rejoice and go to Overwatch to check, it would be sad to share that the hacker is not yet within the roster of heroes. Regardless, backstories show that characters like support sniper Ana appear to be itching to have a word with her.

According to the Overwatch subreddit, an art related to Sombra has appeared on the official Blizzard website. However, it was immediately taken down when people started noticing. A Redditor took the image and uploaded it on the subreddit, and even on Imgur.

Overwatch Sombra ARG

The leaked art appears to be consistent with the teaser given by developers in the last iteration of the Overwatch Sombra ARG. It even had the signature of John Polidora, who is a Blizzard concept artist and character designer.

This marks the hacker’s latest appearance after the Halloween event.

However, fans may remember that Sombra “did” say something will happen on November 1. Does this mean the leak was intentional?

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Overwatch Sombra ARG: Long Overdue

Sombra has been the subject of a months-long alternate reality game hosted by Blizzard. Fans started hanging out around the game more often after solving a particular “puzzle.”

Clue after clue arrived for several weeks at a time, usually ending up in riddles and more questions. Eventually, players started to get irritated about the lack of any conclusive answer. Blizzard, in the fear of losing players (like what happened to World of Warcraft), may have given in.

Sombra is currently the recognized skilled hacker. She used to work for the Los Muertos gang in Mexico before hiding underground. The gang is the same gang that Soldier 76 was chasing in his biography. This may mean an eventual interaction between the two characters.

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According to Polygon, more clues about Sombra may be revealed by BlizzCon this weekend. Hopefully, this means Blizzard can finally clarify if Sombra will be arriving in the game soon.

This will make Sombra the second post-launch character to arrive in the game. The first one, Ana, is a support sniper that can heal or damage targets from a distance. The leaked art last Halloween suggests that Sombra has a submachine gun, with a “special” set of gauntlets.

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