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World War 3 News: Russia, Donald Trump Speculated As Allies; Reportedly Paid Millions for 2016 Elections Campaign

Shocking World War 3 news updates have emerged where it is being rumored that Donald Trump is hand in glove with Russia. Trump has reportedly been paid millions of dollars for the election campaign and has also reportedly been building proximity with Vladimir Putin.

World War 3 news reports have talked of how Trump has been openly advocating Putin’s aggressive foreign policy. Trump’s close circle reportedly contains several individuals who are considered close to the Kremlin. Some reports also talked of there being several oligarchs in Trump’s fold.

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World War 3 news reports have also thrown up possible evidence of Trump being backed by Russian media. Russian intelligence wings have also been supporting him as per reports. Trump has major investments in the country as per sources.

Trump is allegedly being paid millions by the government in Russia. As per reports, Trump has clarified that he has “zero investments in Russia”. He then stated that he may sell condos in the country but has no relationship whatsoever.

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Trump, however, has several Russian connections. There is some anxiety regarding Trump being influenced by his own financial interests in the country in future. If he becomes the President, he may take a stance which is counterproductive to the United States foreign policy.

FBI Investigations Have Also Taken Place

The New York Times has also reported that the FBI has pursued a widespread investigation into these allegations. There was a search for any financial connections with Russia as far as Trump’s campaign is concerned.

There were rumors of a possible secret email communication channel between a Russian bank and Trump Organization. However, officials have still been unable to ferret out any direct link between the Russian government and Trump.

Hilary Clinton’s supporters and officials are on the warpath regarding Trump’s perceived affinity to Russia. They also talk of how Trump’s influence is curbing the probe into his Russian links.

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