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Making a Murderer 2 Netflix Release Date: Steven Avery Reportedly Framed; Speculated to be Acquitted

Making a Murderer 2 Netflix series updates have revealed that Season 2 is being filmed for a possible return in December 2016. Netflix has already announced the return of the series. The season will be dedicated to proving that Stephen Avery is innocent as per reports.

Making a Murderer 2 Netflix news updates have thrown up questions regarding a possible acquittal for Stephen Avery. Online fans and followers have been demanding the return of the reality based drama documentary. The specific date for the premiere has not been fixed as of yet.

Making a Murderer 2 Netflix updates have also revealed that Avery’s case will be opened once again. He is slated to be defended in court by top attorneys Jerry Buting and Dean Strang. They will be striving to prove the innocence of Avery and Dassey.

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Game N Guide has also talked of how Avery will be defended by Kathleen Zellner, a new attorney. Zellner was the driving force behind highlighting false accusations against Avery. She pointed out how state crime investigators falsely implicated him. This makes her a key player in the entire scheme of things.

Some Other Revelations

Strang has already shared that Avery’s acquittal is the logical culmination of his own analysis of this case. He also strongly believes that Avery is an innocent person and is being framed for murder. Season 2 of Making a Murderer will return with courtroom trials of Brendan Dassey and Avery. These are expected to be nail-biting and tense experiences for everyone and also for viewers.

The lawyers will be fighting to prove their innocence while the state will be striving to convict both for lifetime imprisonment. This information has already generated immense curiosity amongst fans of the series.

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Stephen Avery will be the focal point of the second season of Making a Murderer. You can gear up for some exciting courtroom drama and legal battles ahead!

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