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Battlefield 1 Review Tips: How to Rank Up Medic Class Levels Faster

The latest entry in EA’s large scale war franchise, Battlefield 1, launched some time last October to critical acclaim. Today, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks towards leveling up the Medic class as fast as you can.

The Medic’s Job in Battlefield 1

From the name alone, it’s already clear that the Medic’s job goes a bit beyond those of the other classes. Its primary job is to keep your forces sustained and fighting. Not only do Medics have to make sure that allies are always healed, they also have to revive teammates whenever they go down. To do so, the Medic has access to a handful of unique gear to help them do their job.

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First you have the Medical Crate and Bandage Pouch. Both are the bread and butter of keeping your allies topped up. The crate functions similarly to the Medkits from previous games – you toss it out and allies will use them when they need to.

The pouch is similar but much smaller, allowing you to bring two at a time. The pouch will heal allies at a certain rate per second and will require allies to stand around it for some time, so make sure to deploy it somewhere safe. Between the two, the crate provides more experience, so use that as often as you can.

Next in line is the Medical Syringe, which replaces the defibrillator from the past Battlefield games. The syringe will revive any downed Battlefield 1 allies and bring them back into the fight so always keep your eyes open for allies calling for help. Just make sure you don’t ‘Rambo Revive’; don’t rush in to downed allies without surveying your surroundings first. As bad as a dead soldier sounds, a dead medic is much worse in the grand scheme.

The syringe can also be used as a close quarters weapon. Sneak behind an enemy and jam them with the needle to overdose and kill them.

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The last gear the Medic has access to is the somewhat less friendly-sounding Rifle Grenade. This comes in three variants: Smoke, Fragmentation, and HE. Smoke is the best support option, to give your allies some cover. Frag is best for enemy infantry. And lastly, HE is used for vehicles but is less effective against infantry.

Breaking the Hippocratic Oath

Of course, one of the quickest ways to level in Battlefield 1 is to play the objective and usually that means killing the enemy. We already discussed one of the Medic’s few offensive gears above, the rifle grenade, so now we’ll discuss their main weapons.

The Medic class comes equipped with some surprisingly heavy fire power. They have access to semi-automatic rifles that are most effective at medium-range. You’re not going to be winning many sniper fights any time soon, but approach slowly and steadily to optimum range and you become a serious threat.

Overall, play smart. Stick with your team, and go for the objectives. If no one is in need of healing, provide supporting fire and take out the enemy. But your number one priority will always be to assist your squad, so never focus on getting kills – that will always be secondary to you.

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  1. And I do not understand the point system. A revive should at minimum be counted as a kill. Yet on the scoreboards the one who has the most kills and least deaths is at the top while the medic who went 2-18 but revives 20 and heals countless times is near the bottom. Kills are rewarded too highly.