Xbox One Games November 2016

Xbox One Games November 2016 Release: Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2 & More!

The month of October is coming to an end and November is just around the corner – so here’s a list of the upcoming Xbox One games that you should keep an eye out for.

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The Big Xbox One Games of November

We have quite the list of games to look forward to this coming November. Let’s take a look at some of the bigger names on the list and see what’s in store for us.

Answering the Call of Duty

First, we got Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the latest CoD game from Infinity Ward. Infinite Warfare follows the footsteps of Advanced Warfare and takes place in the distant future. However the biggest change in IW is that it takes place in outer space.

To go with the new setting, IW also comes with zero-gravity zones, boost packs, and grappling hooks. Infinite Warfare will include a single-player campaign, online multiplayer, and the fan-favorite Zombie mode.

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To those who will purchase the Legacy, Legacy Pro, or Digital Deluxe versions of Infinite Warfare, you’ll also have access to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Often hailed as one of the best entries in the series, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is about to hit modern systems completely remastered.

Developed by Raven Studios, the remastered version of the game will include the original single-player campaign as well as ten multiplayer maps.

Going In Sneaky Beaky Like

Stealth fans are in for a treat this November with quite a few games that allow players to hide and sneak their way through.

We see the return of Corvo and Emily in Dishonored 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dishonored released in 2012. Taking place 15 years after the original game, Emily is now 25 and rules over Dunwall with Corvo by her side. That is until an otherworldly usurper comes in and takes the throne from her. You then choose to play as either Emily or Corvo for the entirety of the game in an attempt to defeat the usurper.

Instead of Dunwall, the game will take place in the city of Karnaca – a coastal outpost that holds the key to regaining the throne. Both Emily and Corvo have different sets of weapons and abilities and, just like the first game, how you use them is up to you. Do you kill everyone in your way or do you sneak past everyone as if you were never even there? The choice is yours. Regardless, the game promotes the idea of multiple playthroughs either through a different character or through different methods.

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Next up, we have the open-world hacker game Watch Dogs 2, sequel to 2014’s Watch Dogs. This time around players will take on the role of Marcus Holloway, a young talented hacker living in San Francisco. Players will team up with Dedsec, a group of hackers seeking to expose the dangers of ctOS 2.0 which is being used by corporations to monitor and manipulate citizens.

Just like its predecessor, Watch Dogs 2 is an open-world game where the player can interact with the environment through hacking. Through utilizing the hacking system, players have numerous ways to get through the different obstacles in the game. Game Director Danny Belanger claims that there are three play styles with the game. There’s the combat hacker, using hacks to take down enemies. Then there’s the ghost hacker who uses hacks to make distractions and noises so they can sneak on by. And finally, the trickster hacker who can complete a whole mission without physically being there. So it’s all up to the player on what style they choose to pursue.

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And to round them up we have Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection, a remastered collection of all the Assassin’s Creed games that starred Master Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze. This includes Assassin’s Creed 2, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, and finally Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Live the life of Ezio as he learns to become a legendary assassin while getting revenge for his family. His entire story will bring you across space and time as you experience 15th century Italy and Rome and 16th century Constantinople.

The Grandfather of RPGs

The last big name in the list is the latest entry in one of the longest-running RPG franchises, Final Fantasy XV. Originally intended to be a spin-off of Final Fantasy XIIIFF XV has become its own game and is finally coming out after nearly ten years of development.

The game takes place on Eos, a world very similar to modern day Earth with the exception of the presence of magic. Players take on the role of Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, one of Eos’ major nations. While en route to marry his fiancee Luna, he gets word of a report that his homeland has been invaded and taken over under the false pretense of a peace treaty. The report then claims that he, his father, and his fiancee have all been killed. Now Noctis and his loyal friends set off for a quest to discover the truth and reclaim his homeland.

The game is an open-world action RPG. Players have the ability to traverse the environment in a free-running style. The game world has a dynamic day/night cycle as well as weather effects and players travel the world either by foot, by car, or by chocobo. The game uses something called the Active Cross Battle (AXB) system, a real-time battle system similar to that of Kingdom Hearts.

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All in all, there are a lot of great Xbox One games coming out this month of November. Which ones are you planning to get?

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