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US Elections 2016 News: Hillary Clinton Disqualified, Private Emails Leaked

With just two weeks before the US elections 2016, FBI Director James Comey announces the re-opening of the Hillary Clinton probe. This happened after new emails were found from her private email address. With the impending criminal case against the Democratic presidential candidate and the acquisition of new evidence, does this mean Clinton is disqualified from the race to the presidency?

Donald Trump suffered severe blows in recent months regarding statements he made in the past. His evident disrespect for women caused an uproar from the people and even the media. It also got his Democrat rival into a better place, polls-wise.

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However, despite Clinton’s consistent lead in election polls the last few months, this month seems to be the candidate’s downfall. According to Inquistr writer Caitlin Johnstone, October is the month Clinton is dreading for. In her article, Hello October! The Month Hillary Has Been Dreadingthe writer says that Clinton will suffer from Hello October. It is the longstanding American politics tradition where “inconvenient truths are conveniently revealed by the press about a presidential candidate weeks before the election, ideally hurting the candidate’s popularity too late in the game for their campaign to recover.”

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True enough, Clinton is experiencing some heavy blows related to a previous case investigated by the FBI. Especially since investigations has been re-opened after new evidence are revealed. Late August this year, the FBI shared that they have uncovered 15,000 new emails Clinton has not turned over to them from her highly controversial private email. Some of these emails have been proven related to the September 11, 2012, Benghazi terror attacks. In September this year, Comey opted not to push through any criminal investigation. He said that despite negligence in Clinton’s staff with regards to handling delicate private information, no damage to state has been proven.

US Elections 2016: Clinton Disqualified?

While September was a great time for the Clinton team, the end of October looks to be a bad ending for her campaign. While investigating a case of her former aide’s husband Rep. Anthony Weiner, the FBI discovered new emails from Cinton’s private server while secretary of state. Confiscated records including emails were found in Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin.

Though Comey, in his letter to the Congress said that he is still uncertain if the emails found are of any significance, the bureau did say it is relevant to Clinton’s case.

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However, the candidate appeared unbothered. She said to the press that “I’m confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in July. Therefore it’s imperative that the bureau explains this issue in question, whatever it is, without any delay.”

Comey, in addition to his previous statement, said that he is not certain when the investigation will be completed. This could be done in a week’s time or even post-Election. It also means that unless proven guilty, the candidate can still run for the presidency.

US Elections 2016: Trump Leading?

Despite little bearing in the legal and stately sense at the moment, the polls are speaking differently. Because of the recent findings, the previous gap between Clinton and Trump in the presidential polls has minimized to a one-point difference. Though still leading, the sudden drop of Clinton catapulted Trump to a very close second place to her. It will not be surprising if Trump takes her place in the days to come.

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Apart from the re-opened investigation, Clinton is also facing much scrutiny from media like WikiLeaks, who are exposing alleged Podesta emails and under the table operations of the Democrat. She is also rumored to have been the reason for WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange’ apparent disappearance from the world-wide web.

Though nothing has been proven at the moment, Clinton is facing quite a lot of criticism from the public. Her rival to the presidency, Donald Trump is however, celebrating the tables turning.

But with still two weeks before the us elections 2016, anything can happen.

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