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Titanfall 2 Release Date Review: Gameplay a Flop! Sales Will Be Poor, Analyst Says

Titanfall 2 is projected to have a bit of a rough launch with dismal sales, analysts indicate in their latest forecast. According to Cowen & Company, Titanfall 2 may not live up to its expectations.

The projected “flop” in sales may be attributed to the launch of highly-awaited shooters Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1. The latter, another Electronic Arts title, may be the ultimate reason for Titanfall 2‘s downfall.

According to Cowen & Company, Titanfall 2‘s projected sales dropped between 5-million and 6-million. This is a drastic decrease from previous projections that fell along the 9-million mark.

GameSpot explained this may be due to “unlucky timing” that Respawn Entertainment picked to launch the title. Cowen & Company noted that it may be a smart move for EA to drop two titles to face Call of Duty, but it instead “wound up shooting its own foot off.”

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Different “types” of gamers

To compare, Titanfall had a large number of players on its initial launch. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the game had a whopping 11-million unique players. This may not be a sales number, but it is a huge number in itself.

Meanwhile, Cowen & Company gave Battlefield 1 a whopping 14-million to 16-million sales range.

Cowen & Company explained the gameplay is not the problem with Titanfall 2. In fact, the innovative gameplay of the title has been praised over and over. However, it’s tough getting in such a rather new title in between two “giants.”

EA head Andrew Wilson explained the two games cater to a wide variety of gamers. This allowed EA to cover a lot of areas in the shooting genre. This bears some shred to truth. The particular genre in the video game industry holds a stellar $4.5-billion in revenue.

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Battlefield 1 was indeed a more realistic shooter, given its World War I premise and emotional War Stories. Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare tries to be a space shooter intertwined with inter-planetary politics. Titanfall 2 is a good mix of dual-style gameplay, allowing players to control both an ordinary shooter and a giant mech.

Players and fans may get an idea to the actual financial situation of EA come November 1 in its latest report. Hopefully, players may finally get an idea on the real deal between the two games.

Meanwhile, Titanfall 2 has just been released last October 28 for major consoles. Battlefield 1 was released a week earlier, last October 21, again for the same major devices.

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