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Real Loch Ness Monster Alaska: Video Shows Creature in Chena River [WATCH]

A mixture of fear and excitement spread online with the alleged discovery of the real Loch Ness Monster Alaska. A video was taken in Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska of a 15-foot creature in what appears to be its new habitat.

The Loch Ness Monster is usually a subject of Scottish folklore.The lake monster is described to have a long neck and humps almost resembling a Brachiosaurus dinosaur in water. It is most popular for the nickname Nessie. According to the website, “It is around twenty two and a half miles long and between one and one and a half miles wide, a depth of 754 feet with the bottom of the loch being as flat as a bowling green.” Also well-known about the creature is that is usually resides in Scotland and is generally harmless.

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Real Loch Ness Monster Alaska Version

Last October 18, 2016, Craig McCaa who works with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Alaska posted a video of what seems to be a real Loch Ness monster Alaska version– in that it was swimming in the Chena River. The creature, according to reports might have relocated to a new home in Alaska. Can climate change be blamed? Was the Scottish lakes too warm for its liking?

According to McCaa, he saw a “strange thing” while standing on the University bridge and decided to take a video. The creature was submerged and never surfaced on water but it is estimated to be around 15 feet long.

Mixed opinions from the public and different perspectives immediately surfaced. Some are saying that the creature was not in fact a creature. They believe it is merely an inanimate object such as garbage or a rope.

McCaa admits that at first he thought that the footage was simply of a rope. “I initially thought, and several people thought, it could be some rope that snagged on the bottom of the river with chunks of ice.”

Others defend that it is in fact a creature. Though uncertain if it is the real Loch Ness Monster Alaska, they say it is an animate object. They argue that if it were inanimate, the movement would simply mimic the direction of the waves.

In the 22-second video, it is evident that the creature (whatever it may be) is moving on its own direction. You can watch the video here below:

Whether or not the video reveals a footage of the legendary folklore, it is still unclear. Years of study on the fascinating creature will still have to take place. However if proven true, the discovery will definitely prove the possibility of other mythical creatures’ existence.



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