Pokemon Go Halloween Update
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Pokemon Go Halloween Update Adds Rare Ghosts, More Candy!

It seems Pokemon Go needed just the right amount of incentive to go back to the top. The Pokemon Go Halloween Update adds more candy and rare sightings for trainers to enjoy.

Niantic Labs have gone spooky on trainers with a new loading wallpaper, as well as an assortment (or an abundance?) of ghost and poison type Pokemon all over the world.

However, the new update may just be what Pokemon Go needs to get back to the top. According to GameSpot, the game once again claims the top spot on iTunes, and the second on Google Play. Pokemon Go is followed by Mobile StrikeClash Royale and Game of War: Fire Age.

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According to NintendoEverything, the game previously fell to the tenth place of the Top-Grossing charts. This is a stellar decrease considering the game has claimed the top throne for the first two months of its release.

Although Niantic Labs never indicated how much it was earning from the game, other reports claim it earned a colossal $600-million in its first three months. GameSpot adds no other mobile game has accomplished such a feat.

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The First Event-themed Update

The Pokemon Go Halloween Update is its first in-game event celebrating a holiday. A lot of games feature Holiday-themed events packed with patches and freebies to attract players. The Pokemon Go Halloween Update uses this tactic well in conjunction with its new features.

Players may find that the update is useful in tandem with the Buddy system. Fans and trainers can earn more candy from their catches which, if paired with a good round of running, can gather candy in no time. This is also the time to rake up an assortment of base-level ghost and poison types to evolve them with Lucky items. Not only does this merit double the XP, but it also earns double the Eggs with the evolution.

Players can notice a rather strengthened and increased amount of spawn nests for ghost types. Fans can now drown in base Pokemon like Gastly, or even evolved types such as Haunter, Gengar, and Drowzee.

Hopefully, the Pokemon Go Halloween Update can see a resurgence of the hit mobile augmented reality game. Its player count dropped a few months back with the rather mundane release of the Pokemon Go Plus and the disappearance of the hype train.

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