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No Man’s Sky Twitter Reportedly Hacked; Admits Game is a ‘Mistake’

After nearly a month of silence, the No Man’s Sky twitter account is active once again! And what does it have to tell us? Well, that No Man’s Sky was a “mistake.”

On October 28, 2016 the official twitter account for Hello Games tweeted out a simple message, “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.” The tweet has since been deleted but because this is the Internet, people were able to take a screen cap of it before it was gone for good. / Hello Games / Hello Games
This is the first tweet sent out by Hello Games in nearly a month. Immediately, people suspected that the account was hacked, something that tends to happen a lot in this industry. 

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Hello Games deleted the tweet and then made the account protected. Several outlets then reached out to Hello Games to try and get an official statement on the matter. From there things just got even stranger.

No Man’s Sky Twitter Hacked or Internal Conflicts?

Forbes received an email from Hello Games saying that the tweet came from a “disgruntled employee” and that they were “currently trying to sort out the issue.” Likewise, Mashable reported receiving an identical email, however it was signed by Sean Murray himself – the head of Hello Games. 

Polygon however received a different email saying that the tweet was from Sean Murray himself but “somebody from the team took it down” and that they were “not coping well.” 

Lastly, Kotaku got a much longer and more in-depth email from Hello Games putting the blame of No Man’s Sky short-comings on both Sony and, shockingly enough, the community itself. It goes on to put down the fans even further saying that the fans did not respect their hard work.

Some time later however, Sean Murray’s personal twitter account became active once again and claims that the server was hacked.

And that their only mistake was not using Two-Factor Authentication with their LinkedIn account.

It seems that the original “mistake” tweet was sent out through Sean Murray’s LinkedIn account, which may have been the original source of the hack. Since then Sean Murray tweeted to the Hello Games account asking if they were still hacked, and Hello Games had this to reply.

And this is where the story ends. As it is now, we still have no confirmation on what really went down. Was it actually a hacker or was there really someone at Hello Games who sent out the tweets and emails?

Is everything fine and dandy now or were the last few tweets just a way to cover everything up – either from Hello Games or the hackers? We really can’t say, and quite frankly it just leaves us and the rest of the Internet incredibly confused.

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