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NFL Trade Rumors: Tony Romo Trade Hinted by Cowboys VP

NFL Trade Rumors have hinted at a possible trade for Tony Romo. Sources have hinted at the New York Jets making a possible move for Romo. The Dallas Cowboys Vice President has reportedly confirmed this deal as well.

NFL Trade Rumors have hinted at several contenders seeking to land high quality players. HNGN has already talked of how the New York Jets may trade Richardson and Marshall for draft picks. The Jets are reportedly looking at Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo.

Dak Prescott has already been playing excellently in Romo’s place as starting quarterback. This happened after Romo injured himself against the Seahawks in a preseason game. If Prescott continues his fabulous run, Romo coming back looks pretty difficult.

Now Ryan Fitzpatrick is the present starting quarterback for the Jets. However, his inconsistent form may spur the Jets to snap up Romo who is otherwise reliable and experienced. No negotiations have been put on the table as of yet.

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Sports Day has revealed how Stephen Jones has virtually confirmed a trade for Tony Romo. Jones is the executive vice president of the Dallas Cowboys. Jones has talked about how Romo has been “really getting into the action” on coming back to practice.

Jones’ startling revelation

He also talked of how he is still able to “get some good velocity on the ball”. Jones also talked of how “you never know” about Romo being traded. The Cowboys are forever seeking to “make the team better” according to Jones.

Jones also spoke of having “guys identified that if the right situation came along, we’d certainly take a look at it.” However, he also admitted that salary cap was a major issue.

However, he also confirmed that the Cowboys were willing to “pull the trigger” should any major opportunity arise.

Jones also expressed his delight at seeing Romo “moving around, throwing the ball”. He also spoke of how Romo was pushing himself extra hard. His rehab would also be vital for the team.

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