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NFL Trade Rumors: Cleveland Browns Joe Thomas Traded to Seattle Seahawks

NFL Trade rumor mills are abuzz with a possible trade for Joe Thomas to the Seattle Seahawks. This deal has not been confirmed by the Cleveland Browns. However, this looks to be a distinct possibility with the trade deadline set to end soon.

NFL Trade rumors have pointed out that there is a possibility of the Cleveland Browns moving Joe Thomas to the Seattle Seahawks. According to Fansided, this will be a major opportunity for Thomas to enhance his career. Additionally, around $4.39 million is still left to be earned by Thomas this year.

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Any team interested in the player will have to possess adequate space in terms of this cap. According to sources, the Seahawks, Giants and Vikings have all been interested in Thomas. Last season, Thomas was reportedly about to be traded to Denver.

Why Thomas’ trade is a possibility

NFL Trade mills have also highlighted how head coach Hue Jackson has stated that the Browns will not be trading Thomas. However, the Seattle Seahawks may actually get a good deal in Joe Thomas. Bleacher Report has also stated that Sashi Brown, executive VP of football operations will be taking the final decision.

As per rumors, Brown may take the initiative to trade Thomas before the deadline. Joe Thomas makes for a value buy for the Seattle Seahawks. Other teams like the Minnesota Vikings are also in the fray for Thomas as per reports.

However, a late round pick is all the Browns will get in case they trade Joe Thomas to the Vikings or Seahawks. The second round late pick will not be enough incentive to trade Thomas as far as the Cleveland Browns are concerned.

It remains to be seen what decision Sashi Brown finally takes. Joe Thomas will certainly want to explore newer horizons before he signs off on his illustrious career.

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