MLB Trade Rumors: Ian Kinsler Signs with Pittsburg Pirates
Ian Kinsler

MLB Trade Rumors: Ian Kinsler Signs with Pittsburg Pirates

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Trade rumors are flying thick and fast about Ian Kinsler possibly signing up with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Though no such move has been confirmed yet, several rumors indicate that the deal may already be in the works. The Pirates are presently looking to upgrade a few spots in their regular lineup as per sources.

According to the Pirates Breakdown, the team is looking to explore upgrade opportunities tunities in their lineup. Ian Kinsler may be a good option for the Pirates. The Detroit Tigers are reportedly interested in a trade-off.

According to the latest rumors, second baseman Ian Kinsler may be snapped up by the Pirates. Harrison would also be dispatched to the Tigers in return according to reports. A fine trade chip may be available in this case.

Kinsler has a solid reputation and has 11 years of experience. He has an impressive 14.1% strike rate and 7% walk rate. His stats are good enough to draw the Pirates into making a move for him. Kinsler also has better offensive abilities in comparison to Josh Harrison.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates spent all of last season desperately seeking a more reliable leadoff hitter. Kinsler spent almost all of his plate appearances in the leadoff spot for the Tigers in 2016. However, Harrison has already signed an extension prior to the 2015 season but it may not herald good value for the Pirates.

Why Kinsler May Be A Good Deal For The Pirates 

Ian Kinsler can be had at a very affordable rate in spite of his solid track record. Harrison’s contract offers decent value for 2017 but in 2018, it may prove stressful for the Pirates. Kinsler will offer greater flexibility after 2018.

From a convenience and value perspective, the Pirates are sure to trade Harrison for Kinsler. The only deterrent here is that Kinsler will command a little more than Harrison in terms of salary.

Additionally, should the Pirates balk at the money owed to Kinsler in 2018, the $5 million buyout is prohibitive. The Pirates could get creative, asking the Tigers to cover the buyout should the club decide to utilize it, but that would be counterproductive to acquiring Kinsler in the first place.

Would the Tigers do this deal just to save $5 million over the next two years? If not, the Pirates might be asked to pick up some of Harrison’s contract over the next two years, and that may be a deal breaker. The Pirates will not be trading Josh Bell or Austin Meadows for Kinsler should the Tigers go down that road.


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