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Hitman Episode 6 Hokkaido Release Date Today! Gameplay & Trailer Here

Hitman episode 6 arrives tomorrow for all platforms and to top off the first season of Hitman, Agent 47 is headed to Hokkaido, Japan!

Last week, the official Hitman YouTube channel released the first of seven “countdown” videos to build excitement for the season finale. Today they released the last one which gives us some new footage for the upcoming level.

47’s final mission for the season has him taking out two targets in a hyper-exclusive hospital. The location will be a mix of traditional Japanese beauty and cutting edge technology. And we can clearly see that in the teaser video as we see clips of advanced surgical equipment juxtaposed with traditional Japanese attire and weapons.

Hitman Episode 6 Unlock Times

According to their official blog, the new episode will launch worldwide for all platforms on October 31, 15:00 CET. Players should be aware that by 11:00AM CET, the servers will be down for maintenance to prepare for episode 6. 

During this down time, there will be a 5-8GB patch for the game, depending on the platform. This patch is in addition to the actual episode. All in all, the entire download should be 12-14GB, so be ready for that.

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Season Finale

As with all locations, Hokkaido will come with 20 mastery levels. Attached to these levels are six new weapon/gear unlocks for 47. One of these unlocks is the new Sieger 300 Sniper Rifle which comes with three levels of zoom and a suppressor. 

There will also be 70+ new challenges and seven achievements/trophies tied to Hokkaido. And of course, it comes with the new story mission “Situs Inversus” along with seven guided Opportunities.

Along with Hokkaido and all the goodies attached to it, the October 31 patch will also include some general game play fixes. Most of them are quality of life changes to the UI, inventory, and Contracts mode. The patch will also fix some game play issues and bugs such as 47 getting stuck in the environment or NPCs not acting properly. 

A full list of changes can be found on their official blog.

The Road Ahead

As previously mentioned, Hitman Episode 6 will mark the season finale for the first season of the game. As of now, there has been no official statement or news regarding when the next season will start. Likewise, there’s no news if a separate season pass will be required to gain access to the next season.

For the time being, Io has revealed their update plans for the month of November which includes three new Elusive Targets and several new Contracts, so there’s still a lot to look forward to even after the finale. The official dates and information can be found in the image below.


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