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Hillary Clinton News 2016: A Pathological Liar Says Google; Links Photo with Mental Health Illness

Recent Hilary Clinton news updates have revealed some rather shocking developments. According to the Washington Times, Google has linked results for “pathological lying” with Clinton. The Presidential candidate’s picture had appeared with a Google search for “pathological lying”.

Hilary Clinton news startled citizens as to why “pathological lying” and Hilary Clinton would be linked together. The picture of the Presidential candidate was appearing for more than one hour as per reports on Sunday night. The picture comes as the “featured snippet block” of Google at the very top of the page.

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The snippet also contains a link directly to the Wikipedia page containing information on “pathological lying”. There is also a quote taken from this page under the picture. This has led to a shocking Hilary Clinton news update of sorts.

This news is even weirder particularly because Hilary has been accused of lying and dishonesty numerous times. However, the article on Wikipedia does not have any particular information on accusations against Clinton.

According to inside sources, a particular comment was deleted later. This stated “pathological lying = Hilary Clinton”. The Wikipedia article Talk page seemed to suggest the solution. The photograph of Mrs. Clinton was also deleted.

What Google Has Clarified

Google has issued an explanation, stating that there is often a recognition of any question asked through a particular query. In such cases, “we programmatically detect pages that answer the user’s question”. Additionally, snippets are also shown as featured snippets “in the search results”.

Some time after this news broke out, Hilary Clinton’s picture was not appearing in similar searches. “Pathological liar” or “pathological lies” searches did not throw up the Presidential candidate’s image.

There has been no official response from Hilary or her representatives yet. However, there have been mixed reactions to this apparent blunder by Google. Some are hailing this as indicative of the truth while supporters have been criticizing the same in equal measure.

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