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Godfather Remake Rumors: Tom Hardy is Speculated as Al Capone in New Gangster Biopic

Are there chances of a Godfather remake? The entertainment world is buzzing with the rumors of a possible remake. Tom Hardy also stands a chance to play a pivotal role in the same.

Tom Hardy looks set to be on board should a Godfather remake ever be made. He is currently lined up to play Al Capone in two diversified projects. These are being helmed by David Yates as per reports and Josh Trank.

While Godfather remake rumors refuse to die, Hardy has been finalized for the role of Al Capone in the biopic Cicero. According to IGN.com, this biopic may be directed by David Yates of Harry Potter fame. Hardy has reportedly inked the deal for this project.

Is this project really happening? 

The project was supposedly written as a television pilot in the 70s and may be readapted into a gripping movie. There could also be a sequel or even two in the pipeline. However, other reports claim that Cicero will not be Hardy’s next project.

Instead, a separate report from IGN.com has also revealed that Hardy will be starring as Al Capone in Fonzo by Josh Trank. Hardy has already called this a “tremendous honor” and will take this “very seriously” indeed.

Hardy has already portrayed the twin mobsters of London, the Krays in Legend. He has also played Charlie Bronson before. Fonzo has been written by Josh Trank himself. The film describes the bootlegger and businessman Capone at age 47.

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This is when dementia and his past start intruding into his life. Horrifying and uncomfortable memories start their intrusions into Capone’s daily life as per the official synopsis. Production duties will be taken care of Lawrence Bender, John Schoenfelder and Russell Ackerman.

Trank has previously directed Chronicle and Fantastic Four among other big ticket movies. However, the Godfather remake rumors refuse to die down!

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