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Donald Trump News: Net Worth Bankrupt as Campaign Funds Depleted

Latest Donald Trump news updates have revealed some startling insights. It has been reported that the Presidential candidate Trump is helming a financially weakened campaign. It is also being reported that the Donald Trump campaign is in poor shape from a financial perspective.

Shocking Donald Trump news updates also point at rumors of Trump himself going bankrupt in terms of his net worth. Trump has already landed his campaign in debt as per reports. The Clinton campaign, on the other hand, is doing much better.

The Actual Facts 

According to Inquisitr, the latest round of Donald Trump news clearly points to his campaign being $2 million in debt. The Trump campaign currently possesses cash worth just $16 million as per sources. Trump is reportedly spending way more than what he is raising as he continues to bid for victory at the 2016 US Presidential elections.

Donald Trump has already spent a whopping $50 million on his campaign as per estimates. However, he has raised just $30 million till date according to reports. Things look bad for the Trump campaign considering the $52 million that Mitt Romney had in hand back in 2012.

The campaign for Hilary Clinton has $62 million worth of cash at present while debts stand at just $111, 000. The Trump Victory campaign was not a major success, raising just $11 million. Clinton’s Victory Fund raised a whopping $70 million on the other hand!

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Trump has once again promised to dole out a minimum of $100 million of his personal net worth into this campaign. He also talked of how he is already “prepared to go much more than that.” He also talked of how in recent times, “they want you to spend money.”

This has led to widespread speculation about Donald Trump being close to bankruptcy himself. Trump has reportedly spent around $31 million on advertising alone. Super PACs for Trump also contributed close to $65 million. Clinton’s primary super PAC raised $175 million alone in comparison!


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