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Doctor Strange Movie Review: Part 2 Confirmed! To Focus on Nightmare Character

Has the Doctor Strange Movie part 2 been confirmed? Scott Derrickson has already talked of a possible sequel. The Marvel Director also talked of the focus being on Nightmare for the same.

The Doctor Strange Movie part 2 will have greater emphasis on the Nightmare character as per This has been virtually confirmed by Derrickson. He talked of how “the Nightmare Realm is a dimension” which is like “the first Strange tale.”

He also sparked Doctor Strange Movie part 2 rumors when he talked of how he “always loved” this concept and the “character of Nightmare”. Nightmare was seen when Doctor Strange debuted and this has spurred Derrickson’s fantasy.

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Derrickson also clarified that Nightmare was not used as a villain since it was “a complex idea to try to introduce everything.” Additionally, the focus then came on introducing “the idea of nightmares themselves as being a dimension” .

He also expressed hope in exploring this idea in future since it was a “super cool concept” that could be made.

Why Nightmare is fascinating? 

Nightmare rules the Dream Dimension and is of a despotic nature. This is where sleeping humans visit momentarily. The character has a horned and black horse called Dreamstalker.

He also has strikingly green hair. A sequel for Doctor Strange may be in the works and the character will also be seen in Avengers: Infinity War.

The Avengers movie is due for release in 2018 and there are no talks of any sequel filmed before the same. However, rumors have been thick about the second part after Derrickson’s statement.

Also, Nightmare as a character may prove fascinating for global audiences too.

Doctor Strange is already out in the United Kingdom and US theatres will get the movie on the 4th of November as per the latest reports.

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