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Dead Rising 4 PC Trailer: Halloween Costumes, Combo Guns & More!

The latest Dead Rising 4 PC trailer shows off some of the crazy costumes and weapons that the series is famous for.

As we approach the Christmas season, Capcom decided to give us a little Halloween treat (or “Combo-Ween” as they like they call it) to satiate our thirst as we continue to wait for Dead Rising 4. The Combo-Ween trailer showcases one of the most famous features the franchise is known for – crazy and impractical weapons and costumes.

From the short minute and a half trailer, we already got a taste of some the insane things in store for us with Dead Rising 4. We got a handful of crazy outfits including a dinosaur, a luchador, a girl scout (skirt included), Akuma from Street Fighter and of course an elf and Santa Claus to fit the game’s setting. We see some of the vehicles that Frank can use to mow down the zombie horde such as a mass fire-spitting truck, to what looks like a child’s tricycle outfitted with fire and blades.

Frank also demonstrates some of the new combo weapons. We see a broadsword combined with some sort of freezing chemical to create a blade that leaves zombies frozen solid. Then there’s a zombie arm stuffed with a bundle of dynamite that seems to attract them to the point of explosion. And as the video thumbnail proudly shows off, some sort of Christmas ornament grenade launcher.

From weapons to costumes, to something a little bit in the middle – the video also showcases some new footage of the Exo Suit. A wearable weapon that gives the player even more ways to go about destroying zombies.

All in all it seems like Dead Rising 4 is living up to the series’ legacy of insanity.

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Dead Rising 4 PC Details

Dead Rising 4 is set to release world wide on PC and Xbox One this Christmas season on December 6. Microsoft confirmed that Dead Rising 4 is a timed exclusive on Xbox One for a year and Windows 10 for 90 days, after which it could potentially see release on PS4 and Steam. The game is a reboot-sequel to the franchise as it sees the return of original protagonist Frank West as well as the return of Willamette Mall, the setting of the original game.

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