Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt News: Angie Abusive Too, Would ‘Beat Him to Death’ Says Bodyguard
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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt News: Angie Abusive Too, Would ‘Beat Him to Death’ Says Bodyguard

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In the latest round of Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt news, a former bodyguard has dismissed all rumors of Pitt being abusive. He has instead stated that Angelina Jolie would “beat him to death” if he was ever abusive. He has confirmed that Pitt is not the kind to be abusive to his children.

Earlier Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt news updates have reported that Pitt was abusive to his son Maddox during a trip in their private jet. This may have been the final straw, prompting Angelina to file for divorce almost immediately. Post the divorce filing, there were reports of Jolie being heartbroken by Pitt’s infidelity.

Earlier Rumors & Speculation

According to Inquisitr, there were rumors regarding Angelina Jolie finding out about Pitt’s affair with actress Marion Cotillard. Cotillard worked with Pitt on Allied, the film which shows the love affair between two killers on their mission to bump off a German officer. There were tongues wagging about Pitt’s closeness to Cotillard.

As per several Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt news rumors, Jolie reportedly hired a private eye. This was confirm whether Pitt was indeed having an affair with Cotillard. However, Pitt and Jolie’s representatives have strongly denied all these rumors. Cotillard has refuted this rumor with an Instagram message talking about husband Guillaume Canet being the love of her life.

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New rumors took over regarding the breakup of the Jolie Pitt marriage due to Pitt’s abusive behavior towards their children. Sources have confirmed that the FBI has already interviewed Jolie on the happenings of the infamous flight on September 14th. Reportedly, Pitt was drunk when aboard their private jet.

He got physical with Maddox as per sources though other reports claim that it was a verbal conflict. The crew of the flight has also revealed that there was an underlying tension between Maddox and Pitt. However, the staff members have also testified that Pitt did not harm the boy by any means.

Another bodyguard who previously served the couple has also dismissed claims of Brad Pitt being abusive towards Maddox. Kris Herzog has already stated that Angelina Jolie would “beat him to death” if he was ever abusive towards their children. He has reported that Jolie could take on Pitt physically and this would always prevent Pitt from behaving violently.

Herzog has also talked of their being no indications pointing to Brad Pitt being physically violent and abusive. The only time he saw a conflict between the couple was when Pitt refused to curb his love for partying.

Herzog has clarified that Jolie would be capable of hurting Pitt in a real fight if that ever happened. As a result, Pitt would never really hurt Maddox. Pitt is known to love wild parties and the lavish life, something that Jolie did not quite take to as per rumors.


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