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Titanfall 2 vs Battlefield 1 Review om Knowing Which One Offers Better Gameplay & Graphics

The Holidays have barely just begun, and gamers are still on the ropes between convincing Titanfall 2 vs Battlefield 1 review decisions. But which of the games actually take the cake?

IGN’s Brian and Max tries to settle the score between the two games, but the Titanfall 2 vs Battlefield 1 review seems to put both games on an equal ground. According to their video, both games have stuck neck and neck with a lot of pre-launch reviews, and players ought to play the games to find out why.

Titanfall 2 is the gripping successor to Titanfall. The previously multiplayer-exclusive installment has been upgraded with more weapons and customization options. It also comes with a compelling single-player story that features artificial intelligence, xenophobia, and friendship. Despite a rather ordinary premise, the multiplayer offers an entirely new experience from other shooters.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 is a retelling of fictionalized stories from World War I. The accurate depiction of weapons, events and people made for a grand campaign that spanned a few stories. Its multiplayer is also immense, offering large-scale battles that fit simulations.

Titanfall 2 has just been released on October 28 for the PC, Xbox one, and PS4. Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 had a release a week earlier, October 21, for the same devices.

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Titanfall 2 vs Battlefield 1 Review: A Matter of Taste

However, with these things in mind, which of the games actually take the cake? According to recent reviews, it really is a matter of taste.

Videos around the internet reveal that graphics of both games are stunning on whichever console you pick. It still depends on your aesthetic preference. History geeks and war fans would love the realistic rendition of guns and people on Battlefield 1. Meanwhile, space nerds and robot enthusiasts will love the sheer detail of robots and mechs on Titanfall 2.

Gameplay-wise, this is where players will be a bit divided.

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Battlefield 1 offers the staple kind of modes befitting Call of Duty’s direct competition. This means its gameplay modes are more oriented to heavy-duty shooter fans. It has a wide variety of team-based and purely-deathmatch-based modes. The system also allows a wide variety of player numbers to complement teams, allowing a dynamic 64-player experience.

Meanwhile, Titanfall 2 best-fit players who have a knack for customization without the need to be overtly competitive. This means players are allowed more room to expand skill trees and try out a variety of play styles. The game is also experimental to a fault, allowing players to focus on both horizontal and vertical dimensions of the playing field with its unique climbing mechanics.

In the end, both games are considered really good by their peers. Battlefield 1 had a stellar launch, meaning its risk to not follow the sci-fi formula of recent releases paid off. Meanwhile, Titanfall 2 critics expect a dismal launch of the game, basing on how it directly competed with Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for wallets.

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