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Killer Clowns Purge Night 2016 is TONIGHT! Map of Attacks & Hotlines to Call

Tonight is pre halloween night, and as the clowns say, tonight is killer clowns purge night. This has garnered mixed reactions from netizens on social media. Some are saying that this is just a hoax. While others are saying that there is a possibility of it happening and they will be ready when that time comes.

People in the United States have no idea where the killer clowns might attack. But a report from The Bitbag shows a list of the places where the killer clowns purge might happen.

The purge night might happen in Atlanta, Chicago, Kentucky, Los Angeles, New York, among others.

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Also included in the list of possible purge attacks is in the state of Florida. Because of this possibility, the University of Florida has issued a statement warning their students in wearing costumes that may cause harm to themselves and on others. The university offers to be in touch with the students on Halloween night by providing them with a hotline number where they can call if incidents occur.

The University of Florida did not specifically mention the killer clowns purge night. They are only warning students who wear costumes that are discriminatory (attacks race, religion, gender, etc). However, some believe that the real reason for the warning is because of the killer clown purge reports. But as a university, they just could not mention the rumored purge night basing only on rumored reports.

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In a report by Tech Times, there are information surfacing that the said purge night will not only happen in the US. Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom are also possible target areas. Because of this the Bedfordshire Police in the UK posts on Twitter announcing that they will not be tolerating anti-social behavior.

Now, nobody can confirm if the said killer clowns purge night is real or not. Not even authorities can confirm. But it will not hurt you if you stay vigilant during halloween night. You can still go out with your kids or with your friends and have fun, but unlike the previous years, be responsible and extra careful on your surroundings.

If you go trick-or-treating with your kids, keep an eye on them at all times and never leave their side. Instruct them to always stay close to you and not to talk to strangers. Be mindful of suspicious behaviors from people in your surroundings and not to go to deserted and dark places.

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If you are going out to party with friends, be responsible in what you eat and drink. Make sure that you are indeed surrounded by friends and be mindful of people that you do not know. Avoid going to places that are deserted and if you have to go somewhere, maybe to pee, do ask a friend or friends to come with you. Always travel in packs and never go somewhere alone.

The report of the killer clowns purge might not be true but it will not hurt by being careful and vigilant even if you are out having fun.

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