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World War 3 News 2016: Anonymous Hackers Declares WW3 ‘on the Horizon’ [VIDEO]

Here is the latest on World War 3 news 2016. The hacker and activist group known as Anonymous recently released a video warning people that the World War 3 is coming soon.

The group cites several US defense officials who confirm the truth on the matter. Anonymous noted that Lieutenant Joseph Anderson confirmed that the war is almost guaranteed.

The Pentagon official is talking about the United States and Russia. Reports were circulating about Great Britain strengthening their defense on the Russian border. The US is also planning to deploy Marines to Norway.

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Reports also claim that both countries are already starting the WWIII disguising it as a civil war in Syria. Russia, an ally of the Syrian government, is strengthening their military operation in the country. While the US is said to be secretly funding troops planning a coup d’etat against the country’s government.

“A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast, and we will not own the stopwatch,” Major General William Hix said.

Both countries are preparing for war with both of their allies supporting them. Rumors are circulating about Russia and ally country China making military drills and testing nuclear weapons. This rumor is confirmed by the US, saying that China is testing an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. The said missile can strike anywhere in the globe within just half an hour.

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Here is an excerpt to the video printed by Collective Evolution:

In August, the Chinese Defense Minister, Chang Wanquan told his country’s citizens to prepare for, what he described as the people’s war at sea. Mr. Wanquan was referring directly to the United States planned provocation under the pretext of Freedom of Navigation. China has since vowed to take all necessary measures available to protect its sovereignty over the South China Sea, revealing that it had the right to set up an air defense zone on the sea.

China has also since been positioning and testing its nuclear weapons and planning military drills on its waters with Russia. Even the United States has confirmed that China has tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, which is capable of striking everywhere in the world within half an hour.

World War 3 News 2016: Anonymous video – Watch here:

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