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Watch Dogs 2 Release Date, Map Review: Pre Order Reportedly Cancelled as Game Goes Gold

Watch Dogs 2 has finally gone gold barely a month ahead of its official release date. The much-anticipated game is finally ready to be distributed to markets worldwide.

According to the official Watch Dogs tweet, the game has finally gone gold with a GIF. Players can find this similar to the art style that appears within the game.

Of course, fans can still pre-order the game despite the gold announcement. It’s not too late for fans to get in the waiting game.

Watch Dogs 2 will have a November 15 launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC fans will have to wait a bit as the game launches on November 29 for their devices.

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Watch Dogs 2: San Francisco and Big Data

Similar to its predecessor, Watch Dogs 2 takes a fictional twist to real life hacktivism within its own version of open-world San Francisco. Whereas the original Watch Dogs dealt with privacy in its own version of Chicago, Marcus and DedSec tackles big data and marketing within San Francisco.

However, Watch Dogs 2 highlights the “fun” side of hacking culture within its larger plot of data gathering. Marcus Holloway, the protagonist, has been falsely accused of hacking within the city. As revenge, he joins like-minded individuals in DedSec in order to bring down ctOS2.

Fans will remember that ctOS is the name of the fictional network that is in charge of all devices within a certain city. This allows Marcus and his friends to hack their way through phones, traffic lights, and through simple machinery.

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San Francisco takes a drastic turn that the rather mechanic Chicago. Fans will notice that Ubisoft has completely removed the “tower” mechanic from the first game. This means players can finally just unlock new areas by getting to them. Players previously have to hack through towers in order to unlock other areas of the city.

As highlighted in recent trailers, San Francisco also appears to be more vibrant than Chicago. More Easter Eggs, such as pop culture references, can be sought out by players if they explroe long enough.

The map itself is a change of pace than the circular Chicago. The various mini-missions and objectives scattered around the game map allows more room for repeated explorations.

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